1988 Dodgers

From Kirk Gibson to Orel Hershiser, with a variety of Stunt Men in between, a complete look back at the 1988 Dodgers, the last team in franchise history to win the World Series.

25 years ago today: Hershiser runs streak to 13 IP


Dodgers' ace right-hander Orel Hershiser pitched a four-hitter in Atlanta on Sept. 5, 1988 to run his scoreless inning streak to 13 consecutive innings.

1988 Dodgers Week 22 review: Eying the Mets


The Dodgers shored up their bullpen by trading for Ricky Horton, hoping to beat the Mets in the playoffs after not having much luck against them in the regular season.

Hershiser's streak started 25 years ago today

The Dodgers' ace beat the Expos for his 18th win of the season and didn't allow a run over his final four innings. Little did he know, Orel Hershiser was about to make history.

1988 Dodgers Week 21 review: Lasorda wins 1,000th


The Dodgers manager reached a milestone last week as the Dodgers split six games, getting swept at home by the mighty Mets and sweeping the Phillies on the road for a 3-3 week.

1988 Dodgers Week 20 review: Gibson steals show


The Dodgers' outfielder continued his stellar season, leading the Dodgers to an undefeated week and the best record in the National League, one game ahead of the Mets.

1988 Dodgers: Pedro Guerrero traded for John Tudor


A full 25 years to the day after it happened, a look back at the blockbuster trade of one of the best hitters of the 1980s for the league leader in ERA, between the Dodgers and Cardinals.

1988 Dodgers Week 19 review: Tim Leary does extra


Whether on the mound or at the plate, Tim Leary came through for the Dodgers against the Giants at Dodger Stadium.

1988 Dodgers Week 18 review: Gibson goes 20-20


Kirk Gibson this week became the fifth Dodger ever with 20 home runs and 20 stolen bases in the same season, but the club lost four of six games to cut into their shrinking lead in the NL West.

1988 Dodgers Week 17: Fernando hurt, Guerrero back


The Dodgers began the week with a seven-game lead but saw it reduced to 4½ games this week. They lost Fernando Valenzuela but gained Pedro Guerrero and Alfredo Griffin.

1988 Dodgers Week 16 review: Marshall, Leary shine


The Dodgers began the week seven games up in the National League West but ended it six games ahead of the Astros.

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