Community Top 30 Prospects - Results

After over a week with no new ballots, I'm declaring the community top 30 prospects voting closed. Thanks to the 15 people who voted, we got more than double the participation we got last year. Without further ado, the results:

Rank Player Points
1 Clayton Kershaw 447
2 Andy Laroche 435
3 James McDonald 403
4 Scott Elbert 396
5 Chin Lung Hu 394
6 Jonathan Meloan 389
7 Chris Withrow 330
8 Delwyn Young 311
9 Ivan DeJesus 299
10 Blake Dewitt 261
11 Josh Bell 245
12 Pedro Baez 240
13 Andrew Lambo 239
14 Bryan Morris 210
15 Justin Orenduff 140
16 Xavier Paul 135
17 James Adkins 132
18 Austin Gallagher 128
19 Kyle Smit 53
20 Ramon Troncoso 52
21 Michael Watt 50
22 Tim Sexton 49
23 Greg Miller 48
24 Steven Johnson 43
25 Preston Mattingly 37
26 Jamie Ortiz 37
27 Jamie Pedroza 34
28 Alfredo Silverio 31
29 Lucas May 24
30 Cory Wade 23

There were a few in the voting. Clayton Kershaw was almost the consensus number one, grabbing 447 of a possible 450 points. LaRoche followed him at number two on all but two ballots.

After Kershaw and LaRoche, spots 3-6 were filled almost unanimously by James McDonald, Chin-Lung Hu, Jonathan Meloan, and Scott Elbert in some order. Following that, things had very little order to them. Bryan Morris at 14 seems to represent the "guys with high ceilings" cutoff, after which it just goes into guys who didn't make it in to the top half of anyone's ballot.

These were the prospects who also received votes.

Josh Wall 19
Eric Hull 16
Pedro Guerrero 15
Luis Ferraras 13
Dan Danielson 10
Garrett White 9
Justin Miller 8
Jesus Rodriguez 7
Kyle Orr 4
Bridger Hunt 3
Wilfredo Diaz 3
Carlos Santana 3
Javy Guerra 2
Kenley Jansen 1
Robert Booth 1
Cody White 1

Apparently, I'm the only guy left on the Bridger Hunt hype train. Once again, thanks to everyone who voted.


For the one of you who was curious (Andrew Shimmin), my old site, Dodger Math, is back online.

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