The All-Time LA Dodger Team: The Lefty Setup Man

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Big Bad John put the smack down and won the RHP setup position in our bullpen.  Now that he's graduated on to the big boy chair, maybe he can one day supplant Gagne on this team.

All-Time LA Dodger Bullpen

No Player Pos
38 Eric Gagne
16 Ron Perranoski
51 Jonathan Broxton   
RH Setup
    LH Setup

The criteria for being a lefty setup man on our list is pitching in 120 games in relief.  Here are the candidates, with their stats as LA Dodgers:

Closer Years Gms IP W-L Saves ERA+ WHIP
Joe Beimel  2006-2008 216 186.1 11-4 3 148 1.336
Mark Guthrie 1995-1998 205 216.0 5-10 2 107 1.370
Scott Radinsky    
1996-1998 195 176.1 16-8 17 148 1.287
Terry Forster   
1978-1982 150 207.0 11-13 27 115 1.309
Jesse Orosco  
1988,01-02 146 96.0 4-5 10 119 1.365
Tom Martin   
2003-2004 127 79.1 1-3 1 108 1.336
Jim Brewer*
64-67,74-75 123 235.2 13-10 8 108 1.180

*Brewer's stats are only from his time as a setup man, and nothing from 1968-1973 counts since he was the primary fireman during that time.

Eric's Pick

Since all of these candidates were only here a short time, it's easy to look at VORP.  Out of these seven pitchers, there were 25 seasons in non-closer relief.  Here are the top VORP-iest years:

1) Guthrie, 24.7

2) Beimel, 20.8

3) Beimel, 19.6

4) Brewer, 19.3

5) Brewer, 17.0

6) Radinsky, 16.0

7) Forster, 14.0

8) Radinsky, 14.0

9) Beimel, 13.8

10) Brewer, 11.8

I thought I would end up picking Jim Brewer here (shades of fitting Willie Davis into our #8 spot in the lineup), and he has three of the top ten seasons here by VORP, so he'd be a worthy choice.  However, if you notice just ahead of Brewer all over this list are Joe Beimel's three seasons with the Dodgers.  Beimel has two of the top three years and also three of the top ten.  Despite an ERA a couple runs below his expected FIP (he has allowed only one HR in the last two years), I don't care about the luck.  I'm going with Joe Beimel here.  Now I know Beimel will get at least two votes (me plus however many times noted crazy man Troy from West Virginia votes).

One thing I wanted to mention is Tom Martin's amazing 2003.  Among all the great things accomplished by that club when the other team was in the batter's box, my favorite quirky stat was that Martin alllowed only five of 42 inherited runners to score.  Not bad for a LOOGY who was signed based partly on a recommendation from Martin's pal Paul Shuey, whom the Dodgers acquired the season before.

Phil's Pick

I'll go with the Screwballer Brewmeister, followed by punk of the month Radinsky . Kuo of course kicks all those seasons off the charts with his 29.2 VORP .


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