Manny Ramirez Community Projections

If you haven't posted your thoughts for the following Dodger projections, take a moment to participate by clicking on the True Blue Community Projections and let us know what you think the future holds for 2009.


Next up is out newest addition Manny Ramirez. Also add the number of games you expect him to be able to start in LF. As a little guideline here are the left fielders older then 36  who posted an OPS+ > 100 before this decade.

Here is the latest analysis from Baseball HQ on our Manny

Latest Player Analysis :

3/5/2009 - Manny Ramirez and Dodgers finally seal the deal... After nearly an entire offseason full of speculation and negotiation, Manny Ramirez (OF, LAD) is a Dodger. He signed a 2-year deal on Wednesday, and is expected in camp on Thursday. Ramirez gave the Dodger offense a much-needed boost late last season, and should do the same this year:
Year   AB  HR   Avg   xBA   OPS   bb%  ct%  h%    G/L/F    PX  hr/f 
===== === == ==== ==== ===== === === == ======== === ====
2005 554 45 .292 .319 .976 13 79 30 37/24/39 185 27
2006 449 35 .321 .306 1.064 18 77 35 36/22/42 181 24
2007 483 20 .296 .284 .879 13 81 33 38/22/41 129 13
08 1H 290 16 .286 .274 .883 12 76 33 40/19/41 149 18
08 2H 262 21 .382 .341 1.178 16 80 42 36/28/36 197 28

Ramirez was a good hitter in 2007 and the first half of 2008, but it wasn't what we were used to seeing from him. Both his PX and home run per fly ball rate had dropped significantly from his typical level. Then Ramirez exploded during the second half of last season. A 42 percent hit rate shows that he was pretty fortunate during that time, but an elevated hit rate should be expected when hitting that many line drives. Ramirez's elite power also returned during the second half.

Ramirez has been slowed by nagging injuries each of the last 2 seasons, which has likely been the main reason that his numbers had dropped a bit. At his age, it isn't likely that they will completely go away. That, combined with his attitude, make it difficult to project his performance for this season. That being said, his late season performance shows the skills that he still possesses, and what he can do if he is healthy and focused.

Manny Ramirez





           .305            .295










My Projection - 321/434/562 - 131 games in left field


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