2009 MLB Draft: The NL West

With the signing of Manny Ramirez, we now have a near-complete idea of the compensatory picks in the 2009 MLB Draft.  Details of the first two rounds are after the jump.  Here is a summary:

Two rounds plus the supplemental round yields a total of 82 picks.  Here's a look at the picks of the NL West:

Club Total Picks Actual Picks
Diamondbacks 7 16, 17, 35, 41, 46, 62, 66
Rockies 4 11, 32, 34, 61
Dodgers 3 36, 58, 67
Padres 2 3, 54
Giants 2 6, 57

Arizona especially looks like it has a chance to restock it's farm system, with a robust seven of the first 66 draft picks.  The last time a team had seven picks so soon in the draft, a book was written about it!  Both Arizona and Colorado pick three times each before the Dodgers have their first pick, at #36.

Why do these early picks matter?  Let's take a look at the 40-man rosters of the NL West and see how many were drafted in the first two rounds of the draft (not necessarily by the current club):

Club 1st Round Supplemental 2nd Round Total
Rockies 7 3 3 13
Diamondbacks   7 0 4 11
Dodgers 6 3 2 11
Giants 3 3 4 10
Padres 4 1 4 9

That's 54 of a possible 200 roster spots (27%) filled with players drafted in the first two rounds of the MLB draft.  These picks are indeed important.  It should be interesting on June 9.

Round 1

1) Nationals

2) Mariners

3) Padres

4) Pirates

5) Orioles

6) Giants

7) Braves

8) Reds

9) Tigers

10) Nationals (for failure to sign 2008 #9 pick Aaron Crow)

11) Rockies

12) Royals

13) Athletics

14) Rangers

15) Indians

16) Diamondbacks

17) Diamondbacks (from Dodgers; Type A Orlando Hudson)

18) Marlins

19) Cardinals

20) Blue Jays

21) Astros

22) Twins

23) White Sox

24) Angels (from Mets; Type A Francisco Rodriguez)

25) Angels (from Yankees; Type A Mark Teixeira)

26) Brewers

27) Mariners (from Phillies; Type A Raul Ibanez)

28) Red Sox

29) Yankees (for failure to sign 2008 #28 Gerrit Cole)

30) Rays

31) Cubs

32) Rockies (from Angels, Type A Brian Fuentes)

Supplemental Round

33) Mariners (for losing Type A Ibanez)

34) Rockies (Type A Fuentes)

35) Diamondbacks (Type A Orlando Hudson)

36) Dodgers (Type A Derek Lowe)

37) Blue Jays (Type A A.J. Burnett)

38) White Sox (Type A Orlando Cabrera)

39) Brewers (Type A C.C. Sabathia)

40) Angels (Type A Teixeira)

41) Diamondbacks (Type A Juan Cruz)

42) Angels (Type A Rodriguez)

43) Reds (Type B Jeremy Affeldt)

44) Royals (Type B Mark Grudzielanek)*

45) Rangers (Type B Milton Bradley)

46) Diamondbacks (Type B Brandon Lyon)

47) Twins (Type B Dennys Reyes)

48) Brewers (Type B Brian Shouse)

49) Pirates (for failure to sign 2008 #48 Tanner Scheppers)

50) Red Sox (Type B Paul Byrd)*

51) Angels (Type B Jon Garland)

Round 2

52) Nationals

53) Mariners

54) Padres

55) Pirates

56) Orioles

57) Giants

58) Dodgers (from Braves; Type A Lowe)

59) Reds

60) Tigers

61) Rockies

62) Diamondbacks (from Royals; Type A Cruz)

63) White Sox (from Athletics; Type A Cabrera)

64) Rangers

65) Indians

66) Diamondbacks

67) Dodgers

68) Marlins

69) Cardinals

70) Blue Jays

71) Astros

72) Twins

73) White Sox

74) Mets

75) Brewers (from Yankees; Type A Sabathia)

76) Yankees (for failure to sign 2008 #75 Scott Bittle)

77) Brewers

78) Phillies

79) Red Sox

80) Rays

81) Cubs

82) Angels

*To date Grudzielanek, Reyes, and Byrd are all unsigned.  I also assumed the injured Ben Sheets would go unsigned before the draft.  If Sheets does sign somewhere, he would slot between the supplemental round picks for Juan Cruz and K-Rod.

UPDATE 3/5/09: Reyes just signed with the Cardinals.


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