Draft Day - Dodger Draft Thread

The Major League Draft kicks off today at 03:00 PCT but the Dodgers won't be involved for quite a while as they gave up their number one pick to sign Orlando Hudson and didn't get one back when the Braves signed D Lowe. The first few picks of the Dodgers will go like this thanks to SilverWidow:

#36 Supplemental 1st round pick (for Derek Lowe)
#56 Braves' 2nd round pick (for Lowe)
#65 Dodgers' 2nd round pick
#96 Dodgers' 3rd round pick

Here are some excellent links to whet your appetite for the draft.

Baseball Analysts are covering every aspect of the draft, not just the Dodgers.

Andy Seiler did a fan post on SB Nations Minor League Baseball which  has a review of the Logan White drafts, this is a great read from a different perspective. I wish he went into more detail on all the picks but this is a great read and one I recommend for anyone interested in how Logan White handles his drafts.

Brendan found this review of prior Dodger drafts by Fangraphs

To really make you appreciate how much Logan White means to the organization I did a review of the 1999 - 2001 draft pre - Logan White back in Sept of 2007.

Also back in Sept of 2007 and it needs to be updated I did a review of the 2002/2003 drafts

The current Dodger roster has the following players drafted by Logan White

1st James Loney - 1st round, 2002, 19th pick, High School

2nd Blake DeWitt - 1st round, 2004, 28th pick, High School

C    Russell Martin - 17th round, 2002, 511th pick, Chipola College

CF  Matt Kemp       -  6th round, 2003, 181st pick, High School

SP Chad Billingsley - 1st round, 2003, 24th pick, High School

SP Clayton Kershaw - 1st round, 2006, 7th Pick, High School

SP Eric Stults        - 15th round, 2002, 451st pick, Bethel College

SP James McDonald - 11th round, 2002, 311rd pick, Golden West College

RP - Jonathan Broxton - 2nd round, 2002, 60th pick, High School

RP - Corey Wade -  10th round, 2004, 298th pick, Kentucky Wesleyan College

RP - Brent Leach -  6th round, 2005, 196th pick,  University of Southern Mississippi, Delta State

Complete Dodger Draft provided by Baseball Reference from 2002 - 2008


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