Mid-Season Dodgers Top 30 Prospects List by CanuckDodger

[Editor's note:  Here are the midseason top 30 Dodger prospects, as ranked by CanuckDodger. Thanks to Tripon for converting this to a FanPost]


I won’t count 2009 draftees till my end-of-season list. Right now here is how I rank what we have. Will answer all questions directed at me, but please be patient as I am not on the computer all the time

(01). Scott Elbert, LHP
(02). Andrew Lambo, OF
(03). Chris Withrow, RHP
(04). Josh Lindblom, RHP
(05). James McDonald, RHP
(06). Josh Bell, 3B
(07). Nathan Eovaldi, RHP
(08). Ethan Martin, RHP
(09). Ivan DeJesus, Jr., SS
(10). Dee Gordon, SS
(11). Xavier Paul, OF
(12). Steve Johnson, RHP
(13). Tim Sexton, RHP
(14). Brent Leach, LHP
(15). Jamie Hoffmann, OF
(16). Travis Schlichting, RHP
(17). Justin Miller, RHP
(18). Trayvon Robinson, OF
(19). Matt Sartor, RHP
(20). Victor Garate, LHP
(21). Javy Guerra, RHP
(22). Luis Garcia, RHP
(23). Geison Aquasviva, LHP
(24). Cole St. Clair, LHP
(25). Elisaul Pimentel, RHP
(26). Pedro Baez, 3B
(27). Scott Van Slyke, OF
(28). Carl Webster, RHP
(29). Steve Caseres, 1B
(30). Jon Michael Redding, RHP

Here are other comments CanuckDodger made.

On Dee Gordon:

I don’t believe the hype yet. A lot of raw position prospects get over-rated just because they run really fast. It is like the prospect world’s version of loving Juan Pierre. Right now Gordon is the same age as DeJesus was last year, and DeJesus hit .324/.419/.423 in Double A last year.

On the state of the farm system:

We lack big flash at the top. We have a ton of pitchers that I think can eventually make the majors and stay there, with some of them possibly becoming stars. Our strength in reliever prospects may be the best I have ever seen it, but a lot of experts won’t give a farm credit for that. Outside of future fourth outfielders, we are really weak in position player prospects. I listed only ten position players and only two of those guys are people I can see being major league regulars for the Dodgers in the future (barring more progress from Gordon, and we will see how DeJesus recovers from his broken leg). I rated Xavier Paul higher than I was at first inclined to because while he would never be a regular for us, I can see him being a regular if he is traded to a second division team.

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