Top Dodger Prospect Performances and Minor League Box Scores - Aug 14th, 2009

Garrett Gould is in the fold and according to Silverwidow immediately  becomes one of our top 10 prospects. I wouldn't be to hasty but no doubt the Dodgers have added another high ceiling arm to their stable. With current kids like McDonald/Elbert/Withrow we now have a plethora of high ceilings arms like Martin/Eovaldi/Miller/Gould to keep an eye on in the future or to use this off season.

Nick Gaudi continues to toy with the Pioneer league hitters in a relief role.  He hasn't given up a run in his last six appearances and has a crazy line of 11 innings, no runs, 3 hits, no walks, 16 k's.  The 23 year old needs to face some stiffer competition.

The Ogden group is making the Pioneer league look like childs play. Sands led the league in OPS before being promoted and several others are now trying to claim his spot. Brian Cavazos-Galvez with his 3rd home run in four games is now 3rd in OPS (1.050) and 2nd baseman Brian Ruggiano is fifth (1.005).

Speaking of Gerald Sands he is not finding the MWL as hard the 2nd time around as he did the 1st time around. Since joining the Loons after destroying the Pioneer League he is 6/18 with 5 XBH. Last night he clubbed a triple and home run to lead the Loons to victory.

Trayvon Robinson with another home run now has an ISOP in August of .326. Easily the hottest Dodger position prospect not in the rookie leagues. His wOBA of .370 is now 2nd in the Cal League. Not bad for a guy who also leads the league in stolen bases (43). A center fielder with some power, excellent speed, and who gets on base. Sign me up.

Tony Abreu and AJ Ellis with three more hits. Abreu now has this line for the Isotopes.347/.375/.642/1.017. Since Kensai made fun of AJ Ellis he's simply hit .394/.500/.576/1.076 with a wOBA of .424.  Ellis has yet to hit a home run but unlike Martin he is going double crazy with three last night and six in his last five games. Hence the .576 slug% in August.


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