Happy Anniversary, James Loney

The Dodgers won the first two games in San Francisco last week, but in the eight games since they have not won more than one in a row.  Tonight, they get their chance against the Cubs, after winning the series opener thanks in large part to Russell Martin.

Martin last homered on July 26, and went 84 plate appearances in between home runs.  That was his second-longest home run drought of the year, as he opened the year without a home run in 255 plate appearances.

Speaking of home run droughts, tonight is the one year anniversary of James Loney's last home run at Dodger Stadium.  Since taking Luis Vizcaino of the Rockies deep, Loney has not done well at home:

James Loney: August 22, 2008 to Present
  0 .237/.305/.297    
Road 81 344 10    
.312/.369/.455 .825

That's 74 games and 298 plate appearances at home without a home run from our first baseman.  However, Loney has hit just fine on the road, so its not like he forgot how to hit.  There's something about Dodger Stadium that is hindering Loney (batters eye, anyone?), and the sooner that is fixed the better Loney will be, and the better the team will be because of it.

This year, Loney has seven home runs, all on the road.  The Dodger record for most home runs in a season, with none at home, is 11 by Willie Davis in 1969.

Randy Wolf, starting on the mound for the Dodgers tonight, has nine runs batted in this season, the most by a Dodger pitcher since Darren Dreifort in 1999.  In all, there have been 22 pitchers in LA Dodger history to collect at least nine RBI, led by Don Drysdale's 19 in 1965.  Drysdale, who hit seven home runs that year, was used as a pinch hitter 14 times.

Wolf leads the Dodgers in innings pitched this season, with 162.2.  After he gets 22 more outs, he will pick up the first incentive clause in his contract, good for $500,000 once he hits 170 innings.  Wolf, who has a base salary of $5 million this year, has a total of $3 million in incentives based on innings pitched, maxing out at 200 innings.

Randy Wells has been the best starting pitcher for the Cubs this season.  The 26-year old rookie is 9-5 with a 3.01 ERA in 18 starts.  He also leads the Cubs with a 3.69 FIP, and opposing batters have hit .256/.305/.355 against him this year.  He has pitched a quality start in four of his last five outings.


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Game Time:  7:10pm


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