Hector Luna drops another bomb - Top Dodger Prospect Performances and Minor League Box Scores - Aug 23rd, 2009



Hector Luna with another home run and four RBI's.  For those who want to just attribute what Luna is doing to the PCL fine, but they were saying the same thing about Jake Fox back in June. The difference is that Fox is a lousy catcher trying to play 3rd base, while Luna is an ex major league  middle infielder playing 3rd base. When we tried to find a RHH who could punish LHP we found very few major league bench players who fit the bill. Luna is crushing LHP with an OPS against them sitting at 1.399.  He's also produced an OPS over 1.000 at both home and away. I recently read a comment attributing his excellent season to playing at home for the Isotopes but the splits would seem to negate that argument. The man is simply hitting wherever he plays against both Left and Right handed pitchers. Early in the year I said Milton could help us and he did until he got hurt. I said Haeger could help us and he's done a hell of a job so far. I'm saying that Hector Luna deserves a shot to strengthen our bench. Just because a man is 29 years old does not mean he can't resume his major league career. It doesn't happen often but history is peppered with  players like Olmedo Saenz and Geronimo Berroa who got late starts and became excellent part time players into their 30's.

Jon Michael Redding pitching one of his best games this year to pick up his 14th win. That 14th win leads all of the minor leagues. If he can garner a few more wins in the last several weeks of minor league ball he can always lay claim to the fact he led all of the minor leagues in wins in 2009. While the kids are going 3/4 innings Mr. Redding has no leash on him and he made the most of it going seven shutout innings(2 unearned).

Scott Elbert only went four innings but they were a good four innings. One earned run, only one walk, and six strikeouts.

Trayvon Robinson with his first two hit game and first stolen base for AA.


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