Anthony Hatch - Dodger Prospect Performances and Minor League Box Scores - Aug 30th, 2009

Anthony Hatch isn't really a prospect considering he's a just turned 26 year old 3rd baseman playing in the MWL but he's been as hot as anyone in August so I'd thought I'd give him a shout out. He was acquired from the Blue Jays in the minor league draft as filler and he's done just that.  In August, Hatch has a stat line of .356/.422/.606/ with a wOBA of .439. He didn't get started on his professional career until he was 23 so this is only his 4th professional season. Hatch and Casey Blake's minor league history are a little similar with both being drafted by the Blue Jays at the age of 22, both were claimed by other teams from Toronto. Blake had been released while Hatch was a Rule 5. Both are 3rd baseman, getting little respect.  That is about it at this point unless Hatch makes a quantum leap up the ladder in 2010.

John Sickels reviews his top 20 Dodger Prospects from this spring. Not much detail, if you don't get more information from us then we aren't doing our job.

Some have asked about Austin Gallagher and why he had such a down year. This information is dated but does explain how hurt he was this year. What is interesting in the story is how Gallagher was slated to play 1st base.

James Adkins with his second straight scoreless start for the Lookouts. He's now pitched 11 scoreless innings, allowed eight hits, nine strikeouts, five walks, over those two starts.

Belliard was acquired for Luis Garcia for the playoff roster. Could Belliard have easily been replaced by Tony Abreu or Hector Luna as the right handed bat they wanted? Probably, but I've got a soft spot for Belliard and always liked the rolly polly middle infielder who as Eric says looks like a mini version of Manny. So I like the deal, couldn't care less about losing  Garcia but am curious that a 2nd player would be involved given it is Belliard. If  Garcia ends up being Johnny Nunez, I'll let those writing this blog five years from now care about that. What I do remember is the old writer of this blog Andrew talking about how terrible a trade it was when we acquired Marlon Anderson and that was the first time I disagreed with him. My point then was not that Marlon Anderson was about to go off but that if Marlon Andrerson even produced one meaningfull pinch hit during his stint with us in Sept/Oct it was a worthwhile trade for a Low A relief pitcher. I stand by the same point for this deal. Others may poo poo playoff experience and they may be right, but I do like seasoned players during crunch time and I have no clue if Tony Abreu would be ready for such a role when he's spent very little time hitting major league pitching this season. We also have a 2nd baseman who has not played in Sept for two seasons. Having a capable 2nd baseman ready to step in case he gets hurt again is not a bad idea. The one thing the Dodgers have is a plethora of relief pitchers in the system. Losing one like Garcia is no big deal.  Only Canuck felt he was close to a top 30 prospect. He wouldn't have made my top 50 but the Nationals saw something they liked so hopefully he works out for them.  22 year old's with a K rate of 7 in Low A ball don't float my boat, his upside is a middle relief pitcher. I'll get worked up losing the Santana's in our system not someone like Garcia.


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Check out these links and let us know what you think. From the above links you can see the daily Dodger minor league box scores, a recap of the best Dodger performances, and a recap of all of baseballs top prospect performances, along with a recap of simply the best minor league performances even if they aren't considered prospects. The Hector Luna performances if you will.

From the First Inning site you can check out the leaderboards for each league including advanced statistics like wOBA and FIP. From the minor league split web site you can click on the player link and check every which way they are doing.

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