Would the Dodgers consider Chien-Ming Wang

According to Peter Abraham of the Boston Globe, by way of MLBTradeRumors, Chien-Ming Wang is telling friends he's prepare to move on from the Yankees.  Abraham goes on to say that Wang should be ready to join a MLB rotation in May.

Wouldn't it make sense for the Dodgers  to take a shot at Chien-Ming?  He should be able to be had for reasonably cheap, perhaps 1 year 1-2 Million.

Full disclosure I am an Angels fan.  But I am not the kind of Angel's fan that hates the Dodgers.  I hate the Red Sox and the Yankees, therefor I don't have much room of hate for the Dodgers.  In fact, I root for the Dodgers when they make it into the playoffs.  I made this same post at Halos Heaven prior to the recent signing of Joel Pineiro.  

He had some mechanic issues coming off an injury.  He speaks enough English to conduct interviews, which probably means he understands enough to talk things out with Honeycutt.  Coming off an injury and an inflated ERA, Wang's market has got to be low.   Plus, "Wang has been idolized in Taiwan where all of his games are televised nationwide, many on public big screens to large audiences."

Part of what sold me on the Angels signing of Matsui was the opening of new revenue streams in Japan.  Couldn't Chien-Ming Wang also open similar revenue streams in Taiwan for the Dodgers?   The Dodgers are already preparing for a trip during Spring Training.  The Yankees made money by selling deals with Taiwan television stations to broadcast Yankee games.  Couldn't the Dodgers replace those deals.  Imagine a hundreds of thousands Taiwanese fans buying Dodger hats, cheering for Manny, Kemp, Either, and most of all, Wang as they make another run for the NLCS.

The Dodgers could use one more starter and Wang is a former Ace for the Yankees.  He has already pitched for Torre in the past and if Ned Colletti could agree to terms with Wang, for a low base, high incentive contract the upside could be adding another ground ball pitcher to a defensively strong Dodger infield.  Wang pitching in the National League might also boost his performance like past American League pitchers moving to the National League.  

I think the Dodgers would look pretty strong with a starting rotation of Billingsley, Kuroda, Kershaw, Padilla, and Wang.  Now he's not available until May, so you'd probably audtion the 5th spot with a few AAA names for the first month until Wang comes back.

What do you think?

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