TBLA 2010 Postseason Contest Grid

31 entries and 24 of them looked like they will lose the 1st AL round.

Every team had at least one member pick them for the World Series with two TBLA writers going way out on a limb. Michael took the Reds, and Brandon the TwinsPhillies are the overwhelming favorite with 13 members picking them. Rays were 2nd, so already, many members will be sitting on the sidelines including yours truly.

Check your picks to make sure I entered them right.




Contestant Total TB ALRnd1 PTS ALWC PTS AL_Champ PTS NLRnd1 PTS NLWC PTS NL-Champ PTS WS
Jaffa 0 3 Rays/5   Twins/4   Twins/5   Reds/5   Braves/5   Braves/5   Braves/4
Marty Leadman 0 4 Rangers/5   Twin/5   Rangers/6   Phil/4   Giants/4   Giants/7   Giants/6
Scareduck 0 2 Rays/4   NYY/3   NYY/6   Phil/4   Braves/4   Phil/5   NYY/5
LakersDodgers4 0 2 Rays/4   NYY/3   NYY/7   Phil/3   Giants/5   Giants/7   NYY/6
Joey Joe 0 1 Rays/4   NYY/3   NYY/6   Phil/4   Giants/5   Giants/6   NYY/7
Delias Man 0 0 Rays/4   NYY/3   Rays/6   Phil/3   Braves/4   Phil/5   Phil/4
LA Taco 0 2 Rays/3   Twins/5   Rays/7   Phil/4   Giants/5   Phil/6   Phil/5
Matthewmafa 0 4 Rays/5   NYY/4   NYY/7   Phil/4   Giants/4   Phil/5   Phil/5
Gary Scott 0 0 Rays/5   Twins/5   Rays/5   Phil/3   Giants/5   Phil/6   Phil/6
Silverwidow 0 3 Rays/4   Twin/5   Rays/6   Phil/4   Braves/4   Phil/6   Phil/6
Eric Stephen 0 2 Rays/4   Twins/5   Twins/5   Phil/3   Braves/4   Phil/6   Phil/6
Shaqfor3 0 2 Rays/4   Twins/5   Twins/7   Phil/5   Braves/4   Phil/5   Phil/6
Bhsportsguy 0 3 Rays/4   NYY/4   Rays/7   Phil/4   Giants/4   Phil/6   Phil/6
MammothDodgers 0 5 Rangers/5   Twins/5   Rangers/6   Phil/4   Braves/3   Phil/5   Phil/6
Keith13 0 2 Rangers/4   NYY/5   NYY/6   Phil/4   Braves/5   Phil/5   Phil/6
Jojo93160 0 4 Rays/4   NYY/4   Rays/7   Phil/4   Giants/4   Phil/6   Phil/6
dsm9412 0 1 Rangers/5   NYY/4   NYY/5   Phil/3   Giants/4   Phil/4   Phil/6
Pure Azure 1 Rays/4   NYY/5   Rays/6   Phil/3   Giants/4   Phil/5   Phil/6
David Young 0 3 Rangers/4   NYY/4   Rangers/6   Phil/3   Braves/4   Braves/6   Rangers/6
wineracquet 0 5 Rangers/5   Twins/5   Rangers/7   Phil/4   Braves/4   Phil/5   Rangers/7
MeerCatJohn 0 2 Rays/5   NYY/4   Rays/6   Reds/5   Giants/3   Giants/7   Rays/4
NoLander 0 7 Rays/5   NYY/4   Rays/7   Reds/5   Braves/5   Reds/6   Rays/5
Minxtcore 0 7 Rays/3   Twin/5   Rays/6   Reds/3   Braves/4   Reds/7   Rays/5
Humma Kavula 4 Rays/4   NYY/3   Rays/5   Phil/5   Giants/4   Phil/7   Rays/5
Xeifrank 0 2 Rays/5   NYY/4   Rays/7   Phil/5   Giants/5   Giants/7   Rays/6
Oshea2002 0 3 Rays/5   NYY/3   Rays/6   Phil/4   Giants/5   Giants/7   Rays/6
Alex41592 0 1 Rays/4   NYY/4   Rays/6   Phil/3   Giants/4   Phil/6   Rays/6
Dodgermanramon 0 3 Rays/4   NYY/4   Rays/6   Phil/4   Braves/5   Phil/6   Rays/6
Kinbote 0 2 Rays/4   Twins/5   Rays/6   Phil/4   Giants/5   Phil/5   Rays/7
Michael White 0 8 Rangers/5 NYY/3 Rangers/4 Reds/3 Giants/3 Reds/7 Reds/5
Brandon 0 1 Rays/5 Twin/5 Twins/6 Phil/3 Braves/5 Braves/6 Twins/6

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