Matt Kemp, Iron Man

The players with the longest active games played streaks in both the NBA and MLB play in Los Angeles. Derek Fisher of the Lakers has played in 436 straight games, including a league-best 314 consecutive starts. In baseball, the longest active streak belongs to none other than Matt Kemp, who has played in 204 straight contests. It might not be Ripken-esque, but Kemp has played every game since August 19, 2009.

While we got our panties in a bunch over Kemp getting benched last season, the fact is that his 150 outfield starts tied for sixth most in the National League. Kemp played 1,346 innings in the outfield in 2010, a number only topped by Hunter Pence and Chris Young. The Dodgers played 1441 2/3 defensive innings last year, meaning Kemp played 93.4% of the possible innings last year.

Since the Dodgers moved to Los Angeles in 1958, there have only been 26 seasons in which an outfielder played at least 90% of the innings in the field. Kemp has hit that mark in each of the last three seasons, and in 2009 he became just the second L.A. Dodger to lead the NL in outfield innings, joining Brett Butler in 1991. Butler and Kemp each have three seasons of 90% or more; the only three L.A. Dodger outfielders with more seasons are Willie Davis (six seasons), Raul Mondesi (five), and Shawn Green (four).

Green played in the highest percentage of innings of any L.A. Dodger outfielder, playing in 98.7% of defensive innings in 2000, missing just 19 innings that season. Green was quite the iron man, playing in 96.7% of innings between 2000-2003. Kemp has played more innings in the outfield in the last two years than any other National League outfielder, and over the past three years has played 93.0% of all Dodger innings.

Here are the top L.A. Dodger outfield seasons, ranked by percentage of innings played:

Dodgers Outfield Iron Men
Player Year Innings Team Inn Inn %
Shawn Green 2000 1426.0 1445.0 98.7%
Juan Pierre 2007 1416.2 1450.0 97.7%
Raul Mondesi 1994 985.0 1014.0 97.1%
Shawn Green 2001 1407.2 1450.2 97.0%
Brett Butler 1991 1409.0 1458.0 96.6%
Willie Davis 1968 1392.1 1449.1 96.1%
Raul Mondesi 1996 1407.1 1466.1 96.0%
Shawn Green 2003 1397.2 1457.2 95.9%
Matt Kemp 2009 1405.1 1473.1 95.4%
Shawn Green 2002 1388.2 1457.2 95.3%
Raul Mondesi 1997 1390.0 1459.1 95.2%
Raul Mondesi 1999 1379.2 1453.3 95.0%
Willie Davis 1972 1318.0 1403.3 93.9%
Brett Butler 1993 1381.2 1472.2 93.8%
Willie Davis 1971 1354.2 1449.2 93.4%
Matt Kemp 2010 1346.0 1441.2 93.4%
Bill Buckner 1976 1368.2 1470.2 93.1%
Raul Mondesi 1995 1204.2 1295.0 93.0%
Willie Davis 1964 1378.1 1483.2 92.9%
Andre Ethier 2009 1365.1 1473.1 92.7%
Brett Butler 1992 1318.1 1438.0 91.7%
Willie Davis 1966 1333.0 1458.0 91.4%
Willie Davis 1962 1358.0 1488.2 91.2%
Dusty Baker 1980 1336.2 1472.2 90.8%
Matt Kemp 2008 1304.1 1447.1 90.1%
Wally Moon 1959 1271.0 1411.2 90.0%
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