Notes from Scorecard - about as pessimistic as you will ever see me

One thing about a college football season, the actual playing of it, is pretty short.14-15 weeks mostly.

I don't count the bowl games as part of it, those are a strange hybrid of eggnog, parades and some out of place sponsor saluting two schools who have no history against each other playing a game in a stadium hundreds or thousands of miles away from their home.

As a UCLA season ticket holder, I submit myself to days spent pondering why I can predict the exact play they are going to run.

Anyway enough about this, how about that game, I am sure the television-watching audience could feel the tension and excitement buzzing from Pasadena.

I have to congratulate Lane Kiffin, even at the end, he could not help himself and ran two plays with less than 30 seconds left in the game with a 14 point lead.  But to the victor goes the spoils.  Allen Bradford ends his strange and probably puzzling USC football career not with an armful of awards and a ticket to NFL but wondering why the hell did Joe McKnight get the ball before he did.

Matt Barkley did a good job on one leg and thankfully his two longest completions came on lobs that Roger Federer would proud to use at Wimbledon.

But they could have won this game 42-7 so the fact that could have lost to game to UCLA is even more reason why my true purposes of putting computer keystrokes to memory is being done at this hour.

I never played football at any organized level, never sat in a classroom, locker room or stood on a practice field with a coach yelling in my year so I don't have any instinctive feel for the game.

But I do know that this was a game that UCLA should have won, a close win but 17-7 seems about right.

A college football season is like a novel, 12 chapters in a book, some of those chapters set things up for later on and some are just crazy detours but in the end, they all lead somewhere.  This UCLA season led nowhere, at least nothing that you can see on the surface.

Sure, the freshman got a lot of experience, and that goes for the red-shirts and even true sophomores, so hopefully they will build on this and get better.  And I am not one to day UCLA should have won a lot more games, I think at best maybe 6, if fortunate 7 this year.

The 2010 Bruins book had a theme going in, it was a new offense, a running offense that would do a couple of things, one get UCLA back to some ability to run the ball and second, keep other offenses off the field because the defense was going to be very young.

So all you heard in Spring and Fall camps was that UCLA had this kind of spread, read-option offense that had Bruin fans cautiously excited since it was exactly the opposite of their recent attempts to run the West Coast offense.

And among the first reports from the 2010 UCLA Fall Camp, I heard this was the best the offense had looked in years.

But like the guys who beam down in red shirts from the USS Enterprise, the UCLA starting quarterback got hit with a phaser but not set to stun or kill but enough to change the entire fortunes of this team.

So the team spent most of the camp running an offense that second string quarterback is not nearly athletic enough to play but the team decided not to try and make changes to work with him, they basically hoped that their starter would be able to play without practicing the last 3 weeks before the first game.

It was a bad plan.

What they should have done is made changes to the plan to reflect the different QB and let Prince heal without any pressure to get back out there and play.

Anyway, that is not what happened so you end up 2010 having the same questions yet to be answered.

In the next week or so, expect a few coaching changes in Westwood, not the head coach and maybe not the Offensive Coordinator.

Some people get excited about recruiting, to me its like the minor leagues, all the recruits are better than who you have on the team, until they go on the team and you find out that a lot of them are not as good as you thought they would be.

Anyway,  enough college football talk for now.

I am record of being fine with the pitching moves the Dodgers have made, and while I would agree, I might have put left-field next, I could also see why they did the moves that have been made.

I would have given Barajas an arbitration offer, I would have waited until after the Winter Meetings to sigh Giminez but I make the same move with Russell, I have a problem having faith in a guy playing catcher having a problem with his hip, I don't expect he will be able to do much in 2011.

Well I am done for now, have a nice Sunday everyone....

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