Withrow Debut Recap (03/14/10)

I think I'll go pitch-by-pitch as if I were watching this LIVE:

First thing I noticed is that Withrow comes from the Nolan Ryan/Chad Billingsley school of looking down before delivering each pitch.  It's a crisp, drop-and-drive delivery that I absolutely love.

Batter 1:

First ball went into the dirt (probably overthrown).  Next was a fastball that just caught the edge of the strike zone on the outside corner.  Could have been called a ball but hey.  Third pitch was a WICKED 11-5 curve (beautiful shape) again on the corner for a strike.  Super pitch!  Now a heater that was left up and fouled away.  STRIKE 3 FASTBALL SWINGING.  Withrow was living on the corner during this AB very effectively.  I'd estimate he was in the 95-96 mph range.

Batter 2:

Wow, that curveball REALLY got away from Withrow there.  As Eric mentioned earlier, he obviously lost the grip on it.

Batter 3:

Again, Withrow working away from hitters with a fastball up and out of the zone.  Another fastball, this one with late movement inside for a strike.  If he keeps the ball down, he'll be extremely tough, especially on RHH.  From the stretch, he uses a slide step similar to Kershaw and seems to check down the runner pretty good.  Fastball up for a ball.  Ooh, next fastball has almost BELISARIO-LIKE movement but it's too far inside.  Now a perfectly placed LASER on the outside for a swinging strike.  THEN ANOTHER ONE FOR A SWINGING K.  This guy was totally overmatched.

Batter 4:

Ever since that curve got away, he's been PURE HEAT.  This one was inside.  Paints the corner on the next pitch, maybe took a little bit off.  WHOA, that was either a nasty SLIDER or Max Ramirez just swung at a fastball with some major league tailing action.  Power curve gets away from Ellis allowing the runner to advance to 2nd.  HOLY SHIT WHAT A FASTBALL TO K RAMIREZ.  That HAD to be upper 90s.  No freaking chance.

This.  Was.  Awesome.

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