Quick look at the 2007 Draft for pitchers in the first round.

Pick Player Team Position School
1 David Price Tampa Bay Devil Rays LHP Vanderbilt University
2 Mike Moustakas Kansas City Royals SS Chatsworth High School
3 Josh Vitters Chicago Cubs 3B Cypress High School
4 Daniel Moskos Pittsburgh Pirates LHP Clemson
5 Matt Wieters Baltimore Orioles C Georgia Tech
6 Ross Detwiler Washington Nationals LHP Missouri St.
7 Matthew LaPorta Milwaukee Brewers LF Florida
8 Casey Weathers Colorado Rockies RHP Vanderbilt
9 Jarrod Parker Arizona Diamondbacks RHP Norwell High School
10 Madison Bumgarner San Francisco Giants LHP South Caldwell High School (NC)
11 Phillippe Aumont Seattle Mariners RHP École secondaire du Versant
12 Matt Dominguez Florida Marlins 3B Chatsworth High School
13 Beau Mills Cleveland Indians 1B Lewis-Clark State College
14 Jason Heyward Atlanta Braves OF Henry County High School (GA)
15 Devin Mesoraco Cincinnati Reds C Punxsutawney Area High School (PA)
16 Kevin Ahrens Toronto Blue Jays[Compensation 1] SS Memorial High School (TX)
17 Blake Beavan Texas Rangers[Compensation 2] RHP Irving High School
18 Pete Kozma St. Louis Cardinals SS Owasso High School (OK)
19 Joe Savery Philadelphia Phillies LHP Rice
20 Chris Withrow Los Angeles Dodgers[Compensation 3] RHP Midland Christian High School
21 J. P. Arencibia Toronto Blue Jays C Tennessee
22 Tim Alderson San Francisco Giants[Compensation 4] RHP Horizon High School
23 Nick Schmidt San Diego Padres LHP Arkansas
24 Michael Main Texas Rangers[Compensation 5] RHP DeLand High School
25 Aaron Poreda Chicago White Sox LHP University of San Francisco
26 James Simmons Oakland Athletics RHP California-Riverside
27 Rick Porcello Detroit Tigers RHP Seton Hall Preparatory School
28 Ben Revere Minnesota Twins CF Lexington Catholic High School
29 Wendell Fairley San Francisco Giants[Compensation 6] CF George County High School (MS)
30 Andrew Brackman New York Yankees RHP N.C. State


1. David Price - Trying to establish himself in the Rays rotation.

4. Daniel Moskos - Considered a huge overdraft, will likely be a reliever if he ever makes it.

5. Ross Detwiler - injured, had hip surgery in Feb.

8. Casey Weathers - had Tommy John surgery, looks like Rockies brought him back as a reliever.

9. Jerrod Parker - Tommy John surgery over the off season. Likely out for at least the 2010 season.

10. Madison Bumgarner - unexplained loss of velocity. Had chance to start in majors, now likely to be at triple-A to start the season.

11. Phillippe Amount - injury history, traded to Philly. Philly wants to treat him as a starter.

17.Blake Beavan - spent 2009 at A+/AA. Mediocre stats.

19. Joe Savery - Mediocre stats, looks like Philly converted him to a reliever.

20. Chris Withrow - His arm is fine and he K's people which is more you can say for most pitchers in this list.

22. Tim Alderson - loss of velocity hurt his draft stock. Just like Madison Bumgarner. Are the Giants doing something with their pitching prospects?

23. Nicholas Schmidt - Padres converted him to a reliever after injury.

24. Micheal Main - Still only 20, needs more time to develop. Mediocre season at Low-A. 

25. Aaron Anderman Poreda - traded tot he padres, likely 3 or 4 type pitcher.

26. James Simmons - at Triple-A, yet likely isn't going to be a viable major leaguer.

27. Rick Porcello - Shows why you should draft for talent instead of need. Odd how just a year later the A's later decided to go for broke and sign Yano for over $4 million, but drafted Simmons for only $1.9 million with Procello still sitting in the past 27 picks.

30. Andrew Brackman - Rumored to have tons of talent with crappy performance as a Yankees farmhand.

This wasn't meant to be in depth or anything, Just wanted to point out a couple of  things.

Even in two (or I guess 3 years now since the draft was in 2007), prospects status change tremendously (but you already knew that.) With guys like Bumgarner, Parker, and Price being touted, Procello being this draft's Kershaw (being ready at 20 and staying in the majors), and a guy like Withrow who was considered an overdraft at the time and working out for the team that drafted him.


Also, the Dodgers had the potential to draft both Withrow and Porcello except they chose to sign Jason Schimdt instead and give their first rounder to the Giants. *The Giants* had the opportunity to draft  Bumgarner and Porcello in the same draft with the first rounder they acquired, instead choosing Tim Alderson. The Red Sox had the opportunity to draft Procello initially... except they chose to sign Julio Lugo and thus give the Dodgers their first rounder.

Then you also had draft heavy teams like the Phillies and Mariners who decided to pass on Porcello as well. My point is that the Tigers had some serious help in getting Procello to drop to them. Just amazing.

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