TBLA Roto League Update

These are the teams competing for the right to talk smack all winter.


TeamName RealName TBLA Name
Gritty McHustle Mike White Mike White
Belliards Belly Phil Gurnee Phil Gurnee
3 Dog Knights Eric Stephen Eric Stephen
Asian Invasion Samuel Chevadisaikul SamBruin98
Loney's Jabronis Benjamin Court court168627
Requiem For a Dream Weaver Jacob Burch Jacob Burch
Team 10 Karim Garcia Who is Karim Garcia
Team 6 Sonny Taing   Tripon
Dukes of Flatbush Jay Jaffe Jay Jaffe
Tucson Tsunami Julio Pena Dr. Geek
We're Number One David Young David Young
Yer My Boy, Blue Jeffrey Watson Son of Steve Sax


We were honored to have Jay Jaffe join our group. Jay is famous for putting Baseball Prospectus on the map but he also has own blog called the Futility Infielder. I've been reading Jay for over 10 years now which should make both of us feel old. His breakdown of HOF candidates at baseball prospectus is always one of my favorite reads of the year.

Since this is a Dodger biased league let us see how the Dodgers were drafted. I'm going to put them in order as they got drafted.


Dodger When Whom
Matt Kemp 1st Round/3rd Pick Phil Gurnee
Broxton 3rd Round/8th Pick Dr Geek
Ethier 4th Round/5th Pick Dr Geek
Kershaw 4th Round/6th Pick Eric Stephen
Manny 4th Round/11th Pick David Young
Billingsley 5th Round/7th Pick Eric Stephen
Russell Martin 7th Round/12 Pick Jacob Burch
Casey Blake 13th Round/5th Pick Jay Jaffe
Kuroda 15th Round/2nd Pick David Young
Loney 16th Round/7th Pick Mike White
Furcal 19th Round/7th Pick Eric Stephen
Withrow 27th Round/8th Pick Dr Geek
DeWitt 29th Round/2nd Pick David Young
Padilla 29th Round/7th Pick Mike White
Ramon Ortiz 29th Round/8th Pick Dr Geek
Sherrill 29th Round/12th Pick Jacob Burch


As you can see quite a few teams ended up with zero Dodgers. I went with Kemp with the 3rd overall pick because it is a Dodger league. For me it was between him and Braun so it was easy to take the guy I'm going to root for everyday. 

Here are the complete Draft Results

From time to time we will check in how everything is going. I'm writing this post today because I'm in the lead today and probably won't be by tomorrow.

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