Odgersday Apcray Outway Ithway Econdsay Aightstray 11

Inway eethray aightstray amesgay adchay Illingsleybay ashay itchedpay ellway enoughway ootay itchpay intoway ethay eventhsay inningway.  Eethray imestay, ehay ashay enbay iftedlay orfay away inchpay itterhay oneway alfhay inningway ortshay.  Orfay ethay 20thay aightstray artstay, Illingsleybay idday otnay  ecordray anway outway inway ethay eventhsay inningway, utbay Iway oolishlyfay edictedpray ehay ouldway, osay onight'stay amegay ecapray isway inway igpay atinlay.  Orfay Englishway eadray erehay.

Oweverhay, ethay orystay ofway ethay ightnay asway ethay inabilityway ofway ethay Odgerday offenseway otay orescay enoughway unsray offway ofway Ougday Avisday, usplay away ullpenbay implosionway, andway asway away esultray ethay eamtay ostlay 11-3.

Illingsley'sbay ightnay artedstay offway ikelay ehay ouldn'tway etgay anway outway inway ethay irstfay inningway, etlay aloneway ethay eventhsay.  Ethay irstfay ourfay attersbay eachedray estbay, amazinglyway enoughway allway onway inglessay otay eftlay ielderfay Eedray Ohnsonjay.  Accordingway ootay Ilphay Irnbaumbay, iavay Obbay Immermanntay ofway ALAY Observedway, isthay asway ustjay ethay irdthay amegay inway ethay astlay 16 earsyay openedway ithway ourfay aightstray inglessay otay eftlay  ieldfay:

Illingsleybay allowedway ourfay unsray onway ivefay itshay inway  ethay irstfay inningway, owingthray 26 itchespay.  Afterway ethay Ewersbray oredscay orfay inway eirthey alfhay ofway ethay inningway, ethay Odgersday ashedcay inway otway ofway eirthay ownway inway ethay ottombay ofway ethay irstfay, andway ethay amegay ookedlay ikelay itway ouldway ebay away ighhay-oringscay affairway.  Utbay itway asn'tway otay ebay.  Illingsleybay ettledsay ownday (orway asn'tway asway unluckyway) ethay estray ofway ethay ayway, allowingway ustjay otway itshay andway otway alksway inway ishay  inalfay ivefay inningsway.  Ithway otway unnersray onway andway  otway outsway inway ethay ottombay ofway ethay ixthsay, Illingsleybay asway iftedlay orfay Arretgay Andersonway owhay eliveredday anway IRBAY inglesay, ishay irstfay ithay inway 17 atway-atsbay.

Ethay Ewersbray ereway eldhay orelessscay orfay ixsay aightstray  inningsway, utbay alliedtay ivefay unsray inway ethay eighthway  inningway offway ofway Onaldray Elisariobay andway Amonray Oncosotray, onway away ixmay ofway itshay, alksway, andway away otchedbay icklepay ichwhay eaturedfay ethay afesay unnerray (Arloscay Omezgay) onway away ixmay ofway itshay, alksway, andway away otchedbay icklepay ichwhay eaturedfay ethay afesay unnerray.

Otherway Otesnay

  • Amesjay Oneylay ovedray inway ethay Odgers'day irstfay unray ofway ethay ightnay, akingmay onighttay ethay ifthfay aightstray amegay ithway anway BIRAY orfay Oneylay
  • Afterway eethray aysday estray, onighttay isway ethay irstfay imetay allway easonsay Amonray Oncosotray ashay itchedpay ithway  oremay anthay oneway ayday ofway estray isthay easonsay.  Ehay ashay itchedpay inway 17 ofway ethay Odgers'day 27 amesgay isthay easonsay, andway isway iedtay ithway Ernandofay Ievenay ofway ethay Etsmay andway Anciscofray Orderocay ofway ethay Edsray orfay ethay ajormay eaguelay eadlay inway amesgay itchedpay
  • Onnieray Elliardbay appedsnay anway 0 orfay 16 idskay ofway ishay ownway ithway away  airpay ofway inglessay

Inway asecay ouyay issedmay itway astlay ightnay, erehay isway Invay Ully'sscay ibutetray otay Ernieway Arwellhay omfray astlay  ightnay, iavay oopotatogay onway ouyayubetay, ichwhay asway anscribedtray isthay orningmay ybay Orelway atway Onsay ofway Evestay Arveygay:

WP - Ougday Avisday (1-3):  5 2/3 IP, 7 itshay, 3 unsray, 2 alksway, 4 ikeoutstray

LP - Adchay Illingsleybay (2-2):  6 IP, 7 itshay, 4 unsray, 2 aalksway, 3 ikeoutstray

Oxbay Orescay

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