One more thing about the Blake/Santana trade that I need to squash...

What I wanted to address in this FanPost is something that I had to do minimal leg work to prove.

One prominent defense for the trade that nobody has seemed to bother to "prove" is that Blake's trade led to him signing with LA in 2009-2011. Well, I don't think that's correct.


"If you want to make the argument that the Dodgers trading for him caused him to re-sign with the Dodgers, just know that's you're likely wrong.  Like most other players, he would have gone to the highest bidder, and the Dodgers were exactly that.

Ken Rosenthal talking about him not caring where he goes.

Casey Blake doesn't have any geographic leanings regarding his next destination. His agent feels a three-year deal is reasonable. The Twins and Indians are among seven teams eyeing Blake.

Tim Brown talking about the Twins not wanting to go three years.

Casey Blake opened negotiations with the Twins at three years and $20MM. That's not a price the Twins are willing to pay, rightfully so. The Indians have cooled on Blake as well.

Ken Rosenthal on the Indians not wanting to go three years either.

The Indians have been less persistent, as they don't want to give him three years. Brown wrote earlier that the Twins feel the same.

Jayson Stark saying that whichever team adds the third year will get him.

The Twins and Dodgers have two year offers out to Casey Blake. Whichever team blinks and adds a third year can get him.

The Twins had a final offer of 2 years and 12 million with a 2011 option which gave them the lead.

Joe Christensen of the Minneapolis Star-Tribune says the Twins offered Blake a two-year deal worth about $6MM per year with an option for 2011.

The Dodgers went three years with an option for a fourth, and they got their man.

Yahoo's Tim Brown says the Dodgers raised their offer to three years and are nearing an agreement with Blake.

Of course, this is not a criticism of Blake.  If I were him, and I were looking at my last big contract, I would try to get the most money as well, but just realize that trading for him didn't exactly make him cry out for the Dodgers.  Like most, he wanted money, and he got it."



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