A Trio More Picks Sign

Now it is our 3rd, 4th and 27th rounders. Via Dylan Hernandez:

Dodgers sign 3rd-, 4th- and 27th-round picks.

I thought Leon Landry(3rd rounder) had already signed, so I assume this means his contract is now official.

From Kensai at MOKM, here are a trio of reports about Landry:

Leon Landry

My initial impression is that this is a good pick, if nothing else than because he's signable. Comparisons to Jared Mitchell would seem to be flying about, because they both attended LSU and both played football, but they would be wrong.

He's not nearly as polished, but the tools are all there to succeed. I like what i've seen of his swing, and obviously his athleticism is a huge plus.

Baseball America

Landry was a regular on Louisiana State's 2008 College World Series club as a freshman, but he lost his starting job midway through 2009. After helping the Tigers win the national title as a part-timer, he starred in the Cape Cod League, hitting .364 with wood bats. Landry profiles as a potential four-tool center fielder. He's having his best college season to date, reflecting a more mature approach at the plate. He no longer sells out for power and pulls off pitches, and he's doing a much better job of controlling the strike zone. A 5-foot-11, 195-pound lefthanded batter, he projects as a possible .275 hitter with 15 homers in the big leagues. He has slightly above-average speed and keen defensive instincts that allow him to play center field. If he can't stick in center as a pro, his below-average arm would dictate a move to left field, which in turn would put more pressure on his bat.


Landry is a conundrum for pro teams -- an athletic outfielder who can run but isn't a burner, whose reads in centerfield are poor enough that he's not a lock to stay at the position, and who hits but has no power and isn't particularly patient.

Landry has some bat speed and his swing isn't complicated, but he meets the ball out front too often and doesn't make solid enough contact. He can foul pitches off but rarely drives the ball, and against left-handed pitchers he tends to just hit the ball the other way.

In center, he has the speed to play the position but his instincts aren't good, and he doesn't have the arm for right field. In other words, he has the tools to be a good player, a centerfielder who hits and adds value through baserunning, but he's not there yet and at 21 has less room for growth than a similarly raw, toolsy high school player.


Already a SportsCenter staple due to an amazing defensive highlight reel, Landry has a history of making big plays in big games. However, he’s wildly inconsistent, and was benched for stretches of LSU’s title run last season. The problem is a pull happy approach, and he just isn’t the home run hitter he believes himself to be. While capable of great plays in the outfield, he draws criticism for bad reads on standard plays.

Baseball Beginnings has a ton of information on him, and here is video.

Our 4th rounder is James Baldwin.  Once again from Kensai, here are a couple reports about Baldwin:

James Baldwin

If the name is familiar, it should be, as his dad was a long time pitcher with the White Sox. To be honest, there's not a lot of information out there right now.

Baseball America

Elon recruit Baldwin III is the son of the former big league pitcher, James Baldwin Jr., who was drafted by the White Sox out of the same high school (Pinecrest) in the fourth round in 1990. The father threw more than 1,300 major league innings over 11 seasons, and now serves as the Pinecrest pitching coach. The son has also worked as a righthanded pitcher but is a prospect as an outfielder, with athleticism that stands out in this year's high school class. His bat is raw because he was both a football and basketball standout as well during his prep career, and he'll be a safer pick coming out of school in three years unless a team buys into his big league bloodlines.

Baseball America

The son of the former righthanded pitcher of the same name, the younger Baldwin is just as tall as his dad but is a lot leaner and more athletic.

Baldwin is a three-sport star for Pinecrest High. He was a four-year starter on the football team as a highly-recruited wide receiver, and an all-conference forward on the basketball team. But he's giving up those sports to focus solely on baseball from here on out.

Through his first eight games, Baldwin was hitting .500/.552/.654 with two doubles, two home runs and five stolen bases. He's very instinctive on the basepaths and steals third base like he owns it.

Baldwin is an Elon recruit and the 6-foot-3, 187-pounder has an extremely projectable frame with long arms and legs. He glides in the outfield and easily covers a large swath of land with his long, graceful strides. His arms make his swing a little long at the plate, but his swing also produces a lot of leverage, giving him power potential from the left side of the plate as he fills out and grows into his body.

"Every coach in the school needs a guy like this," Pinecrest baseball coach Jeff Hewitt said. "He's set major records for receiving at Pinecrest. The day after the team lost to Fuquay-Varina in the playoffs, he was on the basketball court. He's just a joy to watch. He's also keeping his grades up. He has juggled so many sports for so many years, it's going to be awesome to watch him at the next level, to see him narrow in on one sport. . . . He does an amazing job with his range in the outfield and he has an uncanny ability to steal third."


Yimi Rodriquez is our 27th rounder, but I don't have much info, other than Kensai said he was a hard thrower. If anyone knows anything, I'd be happy to add it.

These recent reports about multiple signings(the 2nd straight day I have made a fanpost about the Dodgers signing 3 draft picks) of draft picks means White was able to add players to the system, at the minimum. If we are lucky, a couple of these players will become actual prospects.

Kensai had expected all three of these guys to sign. This article also gives his opinion about the players we drafted and their likely hood to sign. I assume this has probably been linked here before, but it deserves to be re-posted:

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