The Reason I love the Dodgers

My Dad doesn’t read TBLA, although I have told him about it and emailed the link! I realized how much I loved the Dodgers when I realized how much HE loved the Dodgers. We were in St Louis sitting in the resturaunt that is in the National Bowling Hall of Fame one Saturday afternoon. I was 14. The Dodgers were playing the Cardinals. The NBHOF is right across the street from the old Busch Stadium. My dad, who didn’t curse a whole lot in front of me until I was in High School, drops his spoon and says, “Fuck Me!” I asked him what’s up and he says, “Don Drysdale and Vin Scully are eating lunch right over your shoulder.” He stared at them for probably 45 seconds. I took that as my cue to go over and ask for an autograph. Bad move when someone is eating, but I was 12! DD asked me, “Who sent ya, kid?” I said “no one.” He said, “How in the hell do you know who we are then?” I told them my Dad told me. They both signed a napkin for me. Sweet ass shit.

When we went to leave, my Dad asked for the check and the waiter said, “Mr Scully took care of it.”

My Dad then pulled a $10.00 bill out for a tip and the waiter said "He got that too."

The story itself is funny to me and cool. I will never forget that weekend. I was 14 and when you walked down the 1st base line outside of Busch Stadium back then, you would see players walking up to the staduim. I got autographs from Orel Hershiser, Mike Scoscia, Pedro Guerrero, Mike Marshall, Mickey Hatcher, Vince Coleman, Tony Pena, Tommy Herr, Ken Oberkfell, Jack Clark. The funniest thing I saw out there was after a game one afternoon, I was sitting outside the doors where some of the players went in. I was waiting for autographs. My brother, 3 years younger, noticed some "Latin" guys walking down the sidewalk. He got autographs in the parking garage from Tony Pena, Jose Oquendo, and another guy. When he was walking back up, Willie McGee was jogging towards him, my brother says "Mr Mcgee, can I have your autograph?" McGee put his hand on his head in full jog and leap frogged my brother! "Not this time, lil buddy!" That is what he said. It was a riot.

Mike Davis was on the team at the time. He and Scoscia were the only guys that boarded the bus, put their stuff up, and got back off to sign autographs. Kirk Gibson was the only person to not sign anything for anyone.

I got a message from one of the guys from TBLA that said this should be in a fanpost. I doubt I will do another one, as this is the coolest stuff that happened to me as a kid. I really enjoy the guys that post on here and contribute. I read it multiple times a day. If I can contribute a little, I don't mind. 

That is why I love the Dodgers and always will. My Dad isn't in the best health right now, but not in the worst either. He is BIG man and is 60 now. Not the greatest of combinations. He still loves the Dodgers dearly and is the reason I do as well.  





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