The Giants/Dodgers Rivalry in 80's Movie Terms

If you are anything like me, you are constantly looking to explain the deep-seated jealousy and hatred that Giant fans have for the Dodgers, while Dodger fans seem to treat the Giants as an amusing speedbump.

Giantfan is obsessed with the Dodgers.  He will remember the slightest of slights for years.  He will villianize Casey Blake for mocking a fauxhawked douche's MMA gesture tribute to his dead father. He thinks "Suck it Russell Martin" is high humor.  He reads Star Wars porn.

Dodgerfan doesn't really care.  The Giants haven't won anything in 56 years and don't look like they will anytime soon.

As a child of the 80's, I believe this situation is best explained in terms of 80's movie analogies.

Dodgerfan is the popular kid in school that everyone likes.  The hero.  He's good looking, good at sports, and gets the best grades without really trying.  HIs dad is rich.  He lives in the hills.

Not him.  You see, Dodgerfan is liked, not feared.  Giantfan hates Dodgerfan, but he can't seem to get everyone else to join in.  People say "what's wrong with Dodgerfan, he's a nice guy?"  This drives Giantfan crazy.

This is Dodgerfan:

Yep, Jake Ryan.  Chicks dig him, and dudes want to be him.  He is even nice to the nerds. 


Giantfan is pissed.  He studies harder and even reads "How to pick up chicks" pamphlets.  He knows all the advanced stats but nobody cares.

That's right, its Ricky from Better Off Dead.  He is an underdog.  A likable, lovable underdog?  Not really.  He's snarky and snide.  Mean.

Despite being a nerd, he gets bad grades because he thinks he is smarter than his principal, Mr. Sabean, and his gym coach, Mr. Bochy, and so he won't follow directions.

He knows a lot about baseball but throws like a French girl with a broken arm.

He rants and raves to a small faithful audience of fellow nerds even sorrier than himself but he can't seem to break through to the masses.

Dodgerfan makes it look easy.  He helps old ladies across the street.  He has a cheerleader girlfriend but he will also poach the cream of the crop from the nerd girl clique.

Giantfan has had a crush on Boof for years, but it just isn't happening.  She's coming with us.


Go Dodgers.

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