Plaschke strikes again

Though this time he is not asking the Dodgers to get an ace or trade Kemp.  This time he is explaining why MLB is going to Anaheim for its Mid-Season Classic.  He says in tomorrow's edition

That this place is Angel Stadium is a triumph. That it is not Dodger Stadium is a shame.

Baseball has implied it, longtime baseball fans have felt it, I'm finally going to have to write it.

This week's All-Star game was awarded to Angel Stadium because it is the best ballpark in Southern California by about a 450-foot homer. Angel Stadium is everywhere, Dodger Stadium is nowhere, and for every heart that leaps, there is one that breaks.

Plaschke admits that this has more to do with things off the field, concourse widths, waiting times in concession stands, dark hallways, and a sense of tension that one might feel at the game.

As someone who has been to 3 games at Angel Stadium since it was remodeled in 1989, to compare it to Dodger Stadium (since 1989, my hunch is that I have been there well over 243 times, though short of 729  times) I have a difficult time  comparing the two.

Maybe its because my lack personal history at Angel Stadium, I did see the Angels first post-season win in 1979, and thought they were on their way to the World Series in 1986 after watching them take a 3 games to 1 lead.

But just since 2006, I have watched 4+1, a pitcher pitch a no-hitter and lose,  multiple walk-off wins, and to me the topper of them all, the 9th inning of Game 2 in the 2009 NLDS against the Cardinals.

That tension that Plaschke describes was certainly there but it was a shared experience of anxiety and joy, and sure it took a while to get out of the ballpark but it was worth it.

And I would be remiss to say that MLB but the finals of the 2009 WBC, not in Angel Stadium but in Dodger Stadium.  And that night could not have been better and certainly the crowd was wildly enthusiastic and and enjoyed themselves greatly.

Finally, at least Plaschke could have mentioned, it is easier to renovate something not built right against a hillside.

But I know there others here who feel the same as Bill so let the debate begin.

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