the Dodgers just had a weekend of baseball that felt like a kick in the crotch.

our bullpen looks shaky as hell

Kershaw/Billz let us down

the McCourt situation scares us now and in the future

that Matt Kemp simply isn't what we thought he was, YET

that Manny can't be depended on the rest of the year

that Casey Blake is playing exactly like one would expect for a 37 year old 3rd baseman

that Belisario trying to get his life in order was quite an inconvenience to Dodger fans

that Ned will probably do something we will all regret


We know, we get it, but put down the pitchforks, road trips after all-star breaks are tough,  you can't measure the team by the incompetence they show for four games. They come home Monday, and play a good Giant team, followed by a good Met team. Once that home trip is over, let us take a look at where we are, and if things still look bleak I might be the one calling it a season, but I'm not going to do it after a road trip. And if I do call it, it will be with resignation in my heart, not anger.

My suggestion is

1. If you have a family take them to see Despicable Me or Toy Story 3 again, if you don't then go see Despicable Me or Toy Story 3. Or stay home and rent the Hangover

2. Breathe Deep and let us see what Monday brings but let this go, the series is done. we sucked in all areas a team could possibly suck in.

3. Quit acting like spoiled children, if the Dodgers are a fourth place team they are a fourth place team. Just being a Dodger fan does not require them to be good.

I guess venting is good, but as moderators of this site we can't just leave and let you vent away.  This is Eric's blog, so I can ignore the crazies, but just remember, Eric has to read everything, that is part of what being a Blog Manager is, and when things are great it is a cool gig, but when you go crazy it sucks  all the fun out of the voluntary gig.

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