Since everyone else is playing GM

Five years ago (and really doesn't 2005 seem more than five years ago), I really wanted the Dodgers to sell.  On July 21, 2005, they were 6.5 games behind the Padres, in third place and they were 11.5 games behind in the Wild Card.

However, the Dodgers never sold that year primarily because the Padres would continually hover around .500 and the Dodgers would get as close as 4 games but never really come close to competing in the second half.  The main guy I wanted them to deal was Jeff Weaver, though in the end it worked out as the Dodgers eventually got two draft picks for him (albeit Byran Morris and Preston Mattingly).

Now this year's team is 6 games back on July 21st but only 2.5 out of the Wild Card, plus they still have 40 games to play against a division with winning ball clubs but somehow the Dodgers still are able to dominate them.

With that in mind, what would I do if I sat at the Com.

1.  I need to find someone to plug the starting 5.  Whether it is a big splash like Haren or Oswalt or something smaller, I think the Dodgers are going to have go outside and make a deal within the next week.  If I can get Haren, I open the minor league system to the D-Backs, if it is Oswalt, given what is coming out of his camp, it's not that much if the Dodgers are taking all the salary plus 2012.

2.  Shift McDonald to the pen, bring Troncoso back up, and see if there is someone who could get lefties out.  I am leery of dealing for an outside reliever because the cost and risk factors but I do think that there are pieces in the system to help out.  As far as Jansen, this is first full season as a pitcher so we don't know how many bullets he has in his arm.  I'd wait until later in August and see how he is doing.

3.  Find a LF,I actually don't mind a Paul/Carroll platoon out there but if there is someone else that is available, I'd consider it but be skeptical of the price.

4.  Shore up the bench, give GA some nice parting gifts and also re-examine what Belliard gives you.

Those are some of the immediate things I would do, if more come to mind, I'll list them in the comments.

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