Dodgers Don't Just Need Pitching At Trade Deadline

Ronnie Belliard started the season with eight hits in 14 at-bats, and since then has hit .168/.275/.239. In 2009, Mark Loretta began the season 7 for 13, then hit .208/.289/.256 after that.

The main need for the Dodgers heading toward the trade deadline this Saturday appears to be pitching, and rightfully so. The fifth starters have collectively been garbage this season (5.77 ERA in 30 starts, averaging under five innings per start), so an upgrade would be nice, preferably someone to help next year as well, considering the 2011 starting rotation right now consists of Clayton Kershaw, Chad Billingsley, and, and...

However, pitching isn't the Dodgers only need. Here's a look at the Dodger bench this season, and it isn't pretty:

2010 Dodger Bench
Carroll 249 .279 .377 .324 .701 .325
Anderson 156 .182 .206 .277 .483 .211
Belliard 146 .213 .303 .331 .634 .280
Johnson 135 .291 .316 .386 .702 .303
Paul 123 .252 .300 .342 .642 .288
Ellis 58 .204 .286 .224 .510 .242
Green 9 .125 .222 .125 .347 .181
Ausmus 8 .250 .250 .375 .625 .270
Hu 0 --- --- --- --- ---

Considering that the Dodgers are without their best hitter, Manny Ramirez, one of this group -- well, Carroll, Paul, or Anderson right now -- has to start every night in left field. Manny might be back in a few weeks, but even then what will the Dodgers get? How often can he play the field? Reed Johnson's back is balky at best right now. The options from Triple A aren't all that enticing, either.

The offensive problems aren't limited to the bench, either. The Dodgers have scored 27 runs in 12 games with a .280 on-base percentage since the All-Star break. Since the first trip to Cincinnati -- back when Matt Kemp looked like an MVP candidate -- the Dodgers are averaging a paltry 4.14 runs per game. That covers their last 85 games, so it isn't a passing fad.

So, when Ned Colletti pushes his shopping cart through the trade market this week to pick up an arm or two, I hope he doesn't forget to stop by the bat section as well. The Dodgers are in need of offensive help.

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