MiLB Dodger Recap 8/10/10 - Pitching blows chunks

15 + 12 + 12 + 10 = 49 runs




AAA – Bastardo gave up seven runs in one inning. Lindblom gave up nine hits in two innings. Final score 15 - 3. You can understand Lindblom getting rocked since he was asked to pitch in the 2nd inning, and he must have thought he was a starter again. Corey Wade must think his 2008 was a million years ago. The offense is probably depressed that Gibbons got the call instead of one of them. 


AA – Withrow hit a grand slam to lead the Lookouts to a 12 - 10 victory. The relief pitchers led by Javier Solano gave up only one run. You figure out who sucked, I'm tired of writing about it. The offense was killer with Trayvon Robinson and Jerry Sands banging out three hits each. Sands hit two doubles and Trayvon one, so for now Sands holds a slim lead over Trayvon for the most awesome prospect in Lookout land. Dee Gordon thrilled his way to two triples and didn't make an error as he tries to wiggle his way back into the awesoke. Oh, and Kyle Russell had two hits, one walk, zero K's. For August Kyle Russell has ten extra base hits with five walks. Kyle be stroking. Hey the Lookout outfield is kind of doing what the Dodger outfield was supposed to do. HIT THE BALL


High A – Losing 7 - 4 in the 9th. No pitching, little hitting. Nothing new. 


A – In a day the pitching blew chunks Josh Wall fit right in giving up five runs but for the most part that was the best starting performance for the non rookie league pitchers. The Loons went down 12 -3.  BCG had three more hits giving him a .463 average in August. I knew he was hot but dang, the dude now has 37 doubles, 2 triples/ 13 home runs. For those not good in arithmetic that is 52 XBH. 28 in July/August (37 games). That is what we'd call Sands like if he had any walks to go with it.  


Rookie Ogden – Even Ogden got creamed losing 10 - 3. Nick Akins hit a home run and double and I have no idea what he is doing in this league. He has made a mockery of the rookie league.


Rookie Arizona – Hey, a game where the pitching didn't get whacked. Baldwin hit his 2nd home run, as he starts to show his athletic talents. 


DSL – 

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