What now?

On June 21, in response to a question about the Dodgers playing better or worse going forward I posted the following:


I think your premise is a bit off. I doubt the Dodgers will keep playing about as well because they are paper thin in depth and reserves that could be called up. I believe we have seen the high point and a gradual slide to 78-84 is in the future.

Briefly; overuse and lack of depth in the BP, only 2 or 3 reliable, proven SP’s, aged hiters at LF and 3B who will act their age during the hot weather, and no bench.

I really hope I am wrong but this team needs an immediate talent infusion in the worst way,"


At that point in time the Dodgers were 38-31 and 2 games behind San Diego.  Today they are 61-60, heading south and 12 games behind San Diego.

I think the 78-84 prediction is getting closer and even the most optimistic fan should realize that this is not the Dodgers year.  The logical question is what to do now.  Make no mistake the Giants and the Padres are good teams that might be better next season.  The Rockies may also be tougher.

I would suggest that any veteran not on a long term deal should be considered for a move.  If any team is dumb enough to claim Manny on waivers I would say hooray and goodbye.  The owners can use his salary savings for legal fees or personal travel.  Blake might be moved for a modest prospect; same with Kuroda.  Maybe Lilly could be flipped for something of modest value.

Looking at the next six weeks the Dodgers need to see what, if anything, they now have that might be useful in 2011.  Ellis should be made the primary catcher immediately.  X Paul should be in left field immediately.  Ely should be back in the rotation.   DeJesus should get the call at SS or 2B.  I'm not sure of anyone else in 3A that deserves a look but would appreciate other suggestions on how 2011 can be better.

What do you think?

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