Blue Feelings Around the 2010 Field

For those that prefer the poetic approach.

Blue Feelings Around the 2010 Field

We need an Ace and I believe we have one,

But in order to win you need to win by one run!

With no power in the bats and no speed to the base,

The other teams have rubbed it in our face.

Oh Dodger Stadium with the cries of hopes and dreams,

Was 2010 really as bad as it seems?

Dear Ned I’d love a starting rotation please,

And hold on the pitchers called Ortiz.

A team you tried to build with dreadlocks and hope,

It seems like there was some smoking of dope.

But fans of the Blue commit that one fateful sin,

We love the team and the man called Vin.

Some players do earn a heap of praise,

But others too have seen better days.

We love you man! At first base is Loney,

But compared to Pujols and Votto you make me feel like Baloney .

DeSecond base was a bust all year, we’ve never felt fine,

See ya DeWitt, Theriot’s no Kent and Beliard weighs 209!

The Beard was shaved and what grew back was just older,

Not much more production and nothing more bolder.

The ShortStop role had Raffy at times,

Tearin’ it up so good it seemed like a crime.

The backup role became a star on the infield,

Thanks little Jamey but our fate was already sealed.

The outfield I believed on April 5th was the best in MLB,

A few months later and I believed our outfield was MIA you see.

Manny come on! Have a great life with your Dodger money,

It’s so sad how pathetic you became, so sad, not funny.

Mr. Silver Slugger and Gold Glove has lost the love.

Caught stealing too much from the man up above.

Mr. Clutch was out of gear this year

A Triple Crown leader now seems a bit weird.

Watching Broxton made me feel like an Ox,

I counted over Half a Dozen Blown Op’s.

A few players brought me joy on which to rely,

A few moments with Kershaw, Jamey, Raffy and Ely.

The moments as you know were few and far between,

Better days for the Dodgers have already been seen.

We stumbled a few players over to the All-Star game,

Not knowing after that the season would never be the same.

Broxton, Ethier, Furcal and Kuo.

2010 All-Star players before the season began to blow.

Oh Glory of times when the playoffs were near,

No Longer could we say the good times were here.

But as we begin to chant, "wait till next year" and dream,

Remember that baseball is more than it seems.

Thank those that play it like the man named John Lindsey,

Because a perfect player Is more of a whimsy.

I’ll buy more tickets(next year) and sit in the crowd

And don’t be surprised if I cry out loud,

"Don’t Stop believin’ " just never gets old,

Because what is True Blue must be made of pure Gold.

A heart for baseball and a love of Dodger Blues,

Makes life sweeter, win or lose.

(Thanks to Phil Gurnee for inspiration and to the 2010 Dodgers for the material! Go Dodgers!)

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