10/22 World Series Simulation Contest

There will be ten questions. Five of them will have even money odds, the other five will have higher paying odds. You may answer any amount of the questions as you'd like and wager any amount as long as your wagers don't go over your remaining bankroll. Every person starts out with 100 points to wager with. A wrong guess loses points and a correct guess wins points (odds will always be whole number).   For questions where a starting position player is the answer, I will allow guesses of "starting SS" instead of "Dee Gordon". But if you guess a players name, then that is your final guess.  I will keep a spreadsheet keeping track of everyone's bankroll.  As people play for the first time, I will add them to the spreadsheet.  A minimum of 250 units must be risked over the LCS to be eligible for the title.

1. Wager on any of the 10 questions (don't wager more than current bankroll).

A. O/U Total Runs Scored: 8.5 (1:1)
B. O/U Total Bases Nelson Cruz: 1.5 (1:1)
C: O/U Total Bases Miguel Cabrera: 1.5 (1:1)
D: O/U Colby Lewis Earned Runs Allowed: 2.5 (1:1)
E: O/U Doug Fister Outs Recorded: 18.5 (1:1)
F: Colby Lewis is the winning pitcher: (2:1)
G: Tigers score more than 5 runs: (3:1)
H: Carlos Ruiz gets hit in the neck by a pitch (4:1)
I: Derek Jeter hits a triple: (5:1)
J: Rangers get shutout: (10:1)

Possible Entry


Today's Results... (Last simulation ran Friday at 7:00 PM PST)

Vis Pitcher Home Pitcher Vegas Favorite Vegas Win% Vegas O/U Sim Fave Win% Sim O/U
Kyle Lohse Matt Harrison Rangers 63.90% 9.4 58.57% 9.44


Actual Contest Questions

A. O/U Total Runs Scored: 9.5 (1:1)
B. O/U Kyle Lohse Outs Recorded: 15.5 (1:1)
C. O/U Total HRs in game: 1.5 (1:1)
D. O/U Kinsler + Andrus + Cruz Total Bases: 5.5 (1:1)
E. O/U Rangers runs minus Cardinals runs: 1.5 (1:1)

F. (Prop bet) Rangers hit more than one HR: (2:1)
G. (Prop bet) Neftali Feliz Gets a Save : (3:1)
H. (Prop bet) Any player hits a three run HR: (4:1)
I. (Prop bet) Kyle Lohse is the winning pitcher: (5:1)
J. (Prop bet) Rangers score less than two runs: (10:1)

Sample Bet

Note: Prop bets are not over/unders. You either take the bet or you don't. In any question listing a player, that player must start for that question to be valid.  200 units must be risked to be eligible for contest title.  It is frowned upon if you sit on your lead or try to game the system in any way.  Players in questions B,D,G,I must all start for that question to be valid.  If the game is rain delayed and finished the next day then all bets are pushes.

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