The Only Way Frank McCourt Settles

For a long time now, I thought that the end game for Frank McCourt was to have MLB cut a deal with him whereas he would end up with additional compensation on top of the sales price for the Dodgers.

Think about it, from October 2009 to the present, what has been Frank McCourt's worse case scenario.  Selling the team and splitting the proceeds with his former wife.

Today, with their settlement in hand, that remains the worst case scenario, he could go down the bankruptcy court trail and still end up selling the team and having to pay Jamie off like one of his creditors.

We all know by now, that Frank McCourt never met a courtroom he was afraid of or an amount of time too long to get what he thinks is his price, if he loses, so be it, that is the cost of doing business.

So now, a week before the probable final set of hearings that would probably decide his fate one way or another would the Court agree to continue the trial another month.

MLB has made a last second move to avoid the possible precedents if this case goes forward.  McCourt has no need to postpone it, on the contrary, the sooner this decision is made, the sooner he can begin his reorganization plan.  But MLB had not much to win and a lot more to lose if something were to go wrong.

Predicting what a judge will do is like picking the 8/9 seeded game in the NCAA tournament, it may look easy but something could happen to flip it.  MLB rests on precedents set nearly a century ago and I don't think they want to risk a fresh set of legal eyes seeing if their business practices are relevant and necessary in the 21st Century.

So, MLB reached out and said what would it take to avoid all this unnecessary litigation and get you satisfied and the Dodgers sold.

All of this is based on supposition, maybe Frank caved in first.

But regardless, if a deal is reached, don't be surprised if the terms "confidential settlement" is involved.  Now some of this may have to come out since the bankruptcy is public and all the creditors will have to be satisfied.

I will not be surprised if Thanksgiving comes and this matter is still open but I think there is a chance, we will be busy figuring the net worth of some potential owners then too. 

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