My Attempt at 120M Payroll

C: Ellis- 435K

1B: Fielder: 18M (part of 8/180, breakdown: 18, 23, 24, 23, 23, 23, 23, 23)

2B: Ellis: 4.45M

3B: Figgins: 8M

SS: Gordon: 420K

RF: Jerry Sands: 420K

CF: Kemp: 15M (He just signed for 8/160, we don't have figures yet so I am assuming 16, 18, 21, 21, 21, 21, 21, 21)

LF: Juan Rivera:  4M

Total: 50,725,000


1.Kershaw: 8M, (part of 6/99 deal paid 8, 13, 18, 20, 20, 20)

2. Bilingsley: 9M

3. Kuroda: 11M, 1 year/11M

4. Lilly: 12M

5. Eovaldi: 420K

Total: 40,420,000


C: Fed Ex: 425K

SS/2B/3B: Sellers: 420K

1B/RF/LF: Hoffman: 420K

OF/PR: Tony Gywnn Jr: 1M

SS/2B:DeJesus Jr: 425K

Total: 2.69M (counted both Sands and Rivera in lineup)


CP: Kenley Jansen: 435K

RP: Javy Guerra: $420K

RPMatt Guerrier: 4,750,000 

RP: Scott Elbert: 420K 

RP: Blake Hawksworth: 435K

RP: Josh Lindblom420K

RP: Ely: 420K (or Belisario if he is eligible: 420K)
Total: 6,880,000
Overall: 100,495,000
Deferred: $22,262,432

Total: 122,757,432


Method to my madness:

Basically the first thing I did was to leave 1st base open. I wanted to see if I wanted to have Loney, Fielder, or someone else there. I filled out the rest of my lineup, including having Andre in RF. I got Figgins at 3B, saying there should be a trade of Uribe for Figgins, with the Mariners just making the money work. They need a lil pop, but can't afford the big bats, but also want to get rid of Figgins. It was reported today they would kick in money to make a deal. Some of the posters who have been here longer know that I was hoping for the Dodgers to sign him a few years ago as a FA and have always liked him.

Both the Ellis and Rivera deal killed my payroll, and made me have to get rid of Andre. I propose a deal to a contender who loses out on Fielder/Albert, but needs some offense. The deal will most likely not help out our team right now, but would hopefully give us a 3B prospect that could be ready soon.(I'm looking at you Miami). I'm still an Andre guy and he would be the first guy I'd add back to this team if I had room. With Fielder's deal, I have him down for a backloaded deal and I think he'd take it because of his friendship with Kemp and wanting to play with him for the next 8 years, guaranteed. Also, Kemp could potentially help keep him in shape as they can work out together.  

Kuroda gets resigned for a slightly lower price because the Dodgers pitch them trying to make a winning team as a whole. Ely serves as long man, could be Trevor Miller. If Belisario is finally able to pitch, he is my last man.

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