Top 30 Prospects List By CanuckDodger

CanuckDodger is a respected prospect maven, longtime friend of True Blue LA and Dodger Thoughts, and his Dodger prospect review for the 2010 season was published in the Maple Street Press Dodgers Annual 2010. Each offseason he shares his current Dodgers top-30 prospects list. The rest of the words that follow are his.


Later than usual with my rankings this year, but here they are. Guerra and Lindblom are ranked because I follow Baseball America in ignoring MLB service time and just count MLB innings and AB’s. And I really have to note something that strikes me as significant: In all the years I have been doing these lists, there has never been a year when so many players have appeared to me so debatable in their merits to the point of their rankings resembling something close to random. Of course the rankings you see reflect my considered opinion and best judgment, but looking over the list once I was finished, I had the sense that I almost could have come up with something similar if I had just drawn the names out of a hat for each slot. Ours, right now, is not a farm system with "sex appeal," and I expect the likes of BA and BP to be very unimpressed, but I see a lot of depth, promise, and possibility if little — or maybe nothing — that will get people’s pulses racing.

(01). Nathan Eovaldi, RHP
(02). Allen Webster, RHP
(03). Zach Lee, RHP
(04). Garrett Gould, RHP
(05). Joc Pederson, OF
(06). Javy Guerra, RHP
(07). Tim Federowicz, C
(08). Josh Lindblom, RHP
(09). Angel Sanchez, RHP
(10). Scott Van Slyke, OF/1B
(11). Alfredo Silverio, OF
(12). Angelo Songco, 1B
(13). Shawn Tolleson, RHP
(14). Griff Erickson, C
(15). Chris Withrow, RHP
(16). Chris Reed, LHP
(17). Steve Ames, RHP
(18). Aaron Miller, LHP
(19). Jonathan Garcia, OF
(20). Ethan Martin, RHP
(21). James Baldwin III, OF
(22).Josh Wall, RHP
(23). Cole St. Clair, LHP
(24). Jake Lemmerman, SS
(25). Noel Cuevas, OF
(26). Alex Castellanos, OF
(27). O’Koyea Dickson, 1B
(28). Blake Smith, OF
(29). Matt Magill, RHP
(30). Ivan DeJesus, Jr., 2B

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