Fourth 120 million Dollar Team

With $22,262,432 in dead money this year as G. Scott points out it is really a $100 million dollar team

Catcher- AJ Ellis($435k in 2012) 

First Base- Juan Rivera ( $4 million in 2012)

Second Base- Gordon Beckham ($450k in 2012)

Short Stop- Jose Reyes ( 3 Years for $70 Million paid at 17, 25.5, 27.5)

Third Base- Juan Uribe ( 8 million in 2012 )

Left Field- Jerry Sands ( $435k in 2012)

Center Field- Matt Kemp ( Extended for 7 years $155 million paid out as 14, 23, 23, 23, 23, 24, 25)

Right Field- Denard Spahn ( $3 million in 2012)


Utility: Justin Sellers ($420k in 2012)

Backup Catcher-Ramon Castro (1 year $1.5 million)

Fourth outfielder: Tony Gwynn ( 1 year $1 million)

OF/1b- Brad Hawpe ( 1 year 500k, incentives for another 500k)

Utility- Nick Punto (1 year $1.5 million, deffer 500k )

Offense: $51,755,000

Starting Pitcher- Clayton Kershaw ( $6 million in 2012, Extension for 6 years 90 Million paid 6, 10, 14, 20, 20, 20)

Starting Pitcher- Chad Billingsley ($9 Million in 2012)

Starting Pitcher- Ted Lilly ( $12 Million in 2012)

Starting Pitcher- Hiroki Kuroda ( $9 Million in 2012, $3 million differed to 2013)

Starting Pitcher-Dana Eveland/ NRI guy/ Nathan Evoladi/ Allan Webster/ Rubby (Approximately 2 million total in 2012)


CL- Kenley Jansen ( $435k in 2012)

RHP- Matt Guerrier ( $4.75 million in 2012)

RHP-Blake Hawksworth ( $435k in 2012)

LHP- Scott Elbert ( $420k in 2012)

RHP- Josh Lindbloom ( $420k in 2012)

Long Reliever- NRI guy/Minor League Guy ( $500k in 2012)

Long Reliever- NRI guy/Minor League Guy ( $500k in 2012)

Pitching Total: $45,460,000

This Team Totals out to $97,215,000 plus $22,262,432 for $119,477,432


First the Trades:

LAD trade Andre Eithier and Ethan Martin to CHW for Gordon Beckham. Here this is a low buying low with the upside that if Andre works out he could be incredible for the White Sox's and be the Left handed threat Adam Dunn was suppose to be. Plus they get a lottery ticket with Ethan Martin. For the Dodgers Gordon Beckham has been pretty awful, but he is cost controlled and could be a bounce back candidate and they save about 12 million dollars.

LAD trade Dee Gordon and Javy Guerra to the Minnesota Twins for Denard Spahn. Spahn is an awesome player for the Dodgers to target because he gets on base at a decent clip (about a ten percent walk rate for his career and .361 obp for his career) and is great defensively. For the Dodgers Javy was great but they have plenty of young relievers and with Jose Reyes in the fold Dee is no longer needed for the Dodgers and would be most valuable as a trade asset. The Twins get two young cost controlled players who they can figure to be decent contributors for the next few seasons and Denard Spahn was hurt a lot in this past year and they can fill his spot in Center Field with Ben Revere

Okay now by Position:

Catcher: AJ Ellis is decent hitter and good defensively and Ramon Castro is basically the opposite with good power, but no obp I only suggest him over Rod because he has had a slightly higher obp over his career. However, if you wanted this could be Rod. Anyway, this was the best that was really available for the cost.

First Base: Juan Rivera I have here platooning with Brad Hawpe because I think they could do a decent job as a Combo with both having strong platoon splits and as crazy eddie has pointed he loves him some DS and Ned Colletti stuck us with Juan and I had to put him somewhere.

Second Base: I explained above.

Short Stop: Okay this idea I got from Fangraphs, but is not to far out of the realm of possibility as some may think because Ned has already done something similar once when he first arrived and signed Rafael Furcal. Why would Jose Reyes do this well this is best explained by Fangraph's Steve Slowinski, but basically he can make more money with one short term deal and another long one and Scott Boras can both claim a high AAV and the last year is the same as Arod's. The Dodgers get a 5 win player for just his peak years at a premium position and let him walk after that third year.

Third Base: Because FU Ned.

Left Field: Jerry Sands because he is cheap and in this plan the dodger have to find out if he is any good.

Center Field: First order of the off season should be this. I like this extension myself because while he was good last year, well freaking unbelievably good, but he also does not have the track record of a Teixiera or a Pujols to ask for quite as much as them and he has one year of team control.

Right Fielder: Denard Spahn I explained above.

Bench: Brad Hawpe and Ramon Castro I explained above. Nick Punto I like as a cheap back up infielder that can provide value with his glove (I do not think Jamey can be brought back one year for the same or close to the same), and Justin Sellers is young but not good enough to need to start, this could be another Aaron Miles though.

Starting Pitchers are pretty obvious and I believe pretty good. Also, I think we have enough good young pitchers for the fifth spot in the rotation and Dana Eveland or some other NRI can hold it down for a month or two until they are ready. 

Bullpen: Cheap and good except for Matt Matt Guerrier, and Matt really hurt because without him we could have had a legitimate 5th starter for his salary. Also, I know I am leaving two spots open but we have lots of young bullpen pitchers and there is always a Mike MacDougal.

Outlook: I do not think this team is great, but I do think it would be fun to watch and would have the potential to win the division if we were healthy. Most important it sets us up to win long term by only signing long term to our two best players. 

Starting Lineup: 1.Jose Reyes 2. Denard Spahn 3. Matt Kemp 4. Juan Rivera 5. Jerry Sands 6. Juan Uribe 7. Gordon Beckham 8. AJ Eliis

This lineup at least get on base in front of Matt Kemp and leaving first and left field pretty open allows for Scott Van Slyke or another minor leaguer to force his way up or a new owner wants to make an impact trade. 

Thanks: I also just wanted to say thanks to all you guys who spend the long hours to put together the great content on this website daily. I spend a lot of time here reading all of it and I greatly enjoy it, because without truebluela I would not know nearly as much about baseball as I do now and would have studied a lot more lol. I hope you guys enjoy my contribution, sorry it is so long!

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