Can you guess the Baseball America Top 30 - 2011 edition

Since some liked the guessing game from the Baseball America chat, I will do the same for positions 11-31 in their 2011 ranking of the 12th best minor league system (in their opinion).

First a reminder of their previously published 2010 Top Ten:

1.  Dee Gordon SS

2.  Zach Lee RHP

3.  Rubby de la Rosa RHP

4.  Chris Withrow RHP

5.  Allen Webster RHP

6.  Jerry Sands OF

7.  Scott Elbert LHP

8.  Kenley Jansen RHP

9.  Ethan Martin RHP

10.  Trayvon Robinson OF

BTW, Dee Gordon appeared in all three editors' Top 50 prospect lists(22nd, 28th, and 30th) and was the only Dodger prospect to be in the Top 50.

Okay, now the game, I will try to either take a direct small quote or some fact and you try to guess the player.  Oh and when I say high round pick I mean double digit round.

30.  One of six prospects to share something in common.  - Luis Vasquez

29.  Highest round pick from this year to be ranked in Top 30.  -  Derek Cone

28.  One of  a plethora of players from this crowded position area for this team, certainly not among the more celebrated  -  Angelo Songco

27.  The plainest of names, at least last ones.  "Easy plus arm."  -  Blake Smith

26.  Ceiling is "major league set-up man."  - Javy Guerra

25.  "mechanically sound left-handed swing" and "tick above-average speed runner."  Name is the same of patriarch in long running TV show.  -  Joc Pederson

24.  compared to "Mark Loretta" and a "heady player" and "who gets the most out of what he has."  - Jake Lemmerman

23.  "solid swing that is short to the ball."  "plus speed" and a "chance to play center."  -  Scott Schebler

22.  "upside remains impressive."  "tools to become big league[r]"  -  Pedro Baez

21.  "generate average to potentially above average power" "range is good enough for now"  -  Jonathan Garcia

20.  Best two pitches are his fastball and curve.  Among the better personal stories on this list. - Ralston Cash

19.  Third player from that plethora of players mentioned earlier.  "outstanding bat speed."  -  Brian Cavazos-Galvez

18.   Command is average for his age.  Curve is his best pitch.  -  Garrett Gould

17.  His setback may have been more due to injury but has "fearless nature" on the mound and "maturity" off it.  - Nathan Eovaldi

16.  "flashing 94-95 mph" in instructional league  -  Josh Lindblom

15.  Consistent, same good number for two years and within less than 2% of having same number of something some folks dwell on.  - Kyle Russell

14.  Of all the players on this list, he could be the one who is blocked to some extent.  -  Ivan De Jesus, Jr.

13.  ceiling is a "mid-rotation starter"  - Aaron Miller

12.  I guess height and frame do make a difference.  -  James Baldwin

11.  Third potential prospect for this position, could have 4 average or better tools.  -  Leon Landry


Oh and number 31, I'll give you that one, Ryan Christenson, LHP from 2010 draft (7th round).

Okay, start guessing.

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