The Brooklyn Dodgers 1944 Satin Jerseys

Hey Folks,

So the Dodgers unveiled today that the "1940's Inspired" uniforms were the ones chosen by the masses to be worn on half price weekdays. For those who haven't seen the photo, they look like this:

Now we've know for awhile that the jerseys were not going to be made of satin, as the origins were. The uniform concept is lifted straight from Dressed To The Nines, a Baseball Hall of Fame site which features a uniform database of every uniform work by every baseball team since like the beginning of time. It's about as thorough as thorough can be. Except for one little snag. The older uniforms, pre 90's are so, aren't from the MLS style guide, but from a series of drawings done by Marc Okkonen. The problem with archives done by hand, pre internet, is that sometimes the details can get fuzzed. 

So what I'm about to say is probably going to come off less earth shattering and more "really? shouldn't you be knitting or somthing?". But this stuff is important! Or something. Now I can't reproduce the image without getting TBLA sued by the New York times, but as someone with access to the NYTimes historical database, I can tell you that there was an article written about these uniforms on Feb 25th, 1944 by Roscoe McGowen. Was there a war going on? Sure. But Roscoe was concerned with Satin Uniforms. 

"For their fourteen night games at home and the same number abroad the Dodgers were going to attired in gaudy uniforms of "jockey satin", but which the Brooklyn Boss called "skinner satin"."

"Home suits are of white satin, with Royal Blue piping and "Dodgers across the shirt front in the same color. There are two sets of caps-one white with blue visors, and the other, blue with white visors. For the road the suits are a light blue satin with white piping and with "Brooklyn" in white letters on the shirt fronts. The light blue will appear royal blue under the lights. The road caps now are scheduled to be light blue with white visors."

So they got the caps wrong. We could have had a light blue cap with the B and a white visor. But instead we get the standard Brooklyn Dodger cap. 

This photo is from the uniwatch archives, which just adds more confusion: 

I have no idea where the royal blue jersey came into play, but you can see that the team was at least aware of the full set, as they got the number font right (which doesn't appear in the Dressed to the Nines Illustration). The white version also appeared in the Mitchell and Ness catalog a few years back. 

Now of course, that journalist could have been wrong too. I mean, wouldn't it suck, if you were me, and you'd written a whole fan post off of an article in the NY Times archive, only to find a photo which completely...


Stupid journalists. 

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