2011 Dodgers Project

Last season I began an "excel scrap book" that consisted of various aspects of the Dodgers organization.  Many of you will remember as I posted it last October.  I had positive feedback so I decided to continue this for the 2011 season.  I wanted to add some features while at the same time presenting more information based on a single data base.  In comparison my 2010 edition had 25 tabs. My 2011 edition has over 125 tabs.  If you were one that saw my 2010 edition and thought it was something really interesting I urge you to take the time to download this file as it's much better and complex than my 2010 version.   


You can download the excel file from this host. The file is between 6-6.5 MB.

Statistical Features:

  • Daily results for each level of the Dodgers organization.
  • Up to date statistics for the Dodgers.
  • Monthly comparison statistics including the leaders at certain categories for each month.
  • Comparison among each division.
  • Comparison among each team.
  • Comparison among day/night-1st half/2nd half-home/away
  • Records versus each team

Player profiles/Prospect Watch

  • Kershaw, Kemp, Billingsley
  • Minor league player profiles
  • Webster, Miller, De La Rosa, Gould, Lee, Martin, Withrow, Gordon, Sands

Team review

  • This is set up for each minor league level. It is a snap shot of the prospects statistics as well as the team's records versus each team the play. When the season is over it will have standings and final stats.


  • A collection of minor league teams, all stars, opening day lineups, records, playoff records, awards, leaders.
  • Previous seasons-information from my 2010 version that could be of some use for quick reference. i.e. Draft results.

Front office directory/Transactions

  • List of Dodger employees.
  • Transactions at the major league level.

Numerous other features that are from my 2010 edition and things that I just don't feel are worth mentioning here.

It took quite some time to build this excel data base but now that my formulas are complete it's usually a 15 minute process each day depending on the amount of prospects that pitch/play. 

 If anybody is interesting on seeing this throughout the season please let me know. I can always make a fan post every other week to see how certain things have changed or simply e-mail out to any parties interested. 

Lastly, I did want to give a thanks to Eric Stephen as he has answered several helpful questions that have helped me with several features.  A special thanks to Brandon Lennox as he has also helped me with information that has made this project a little easier. Many other posters here have also answered questions and I do appreciate that.

Thank you and enjoy.


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