From Ginger Beaumont To Matt Kemp: Finishing In The Top Five In Both Home Runs And Steals

Matt Kemp has done it all this season for the Dodgers.

As the Dodgers' season winds down in a few months, the Dodgers won't be playing for much in the standings -- other than positioning for their protected pick in the first round of the 2012 draft -- but there will still likely be a reason to watch in September. Matt Kemp is having the best power/speed season in Dodgers history, and will be in pursuit of the fifth season with 40 home runs and 40 stolen bases in baseball history.

Kemp has hit home runs in the first two games out of the All-Star break, and through 94 team games has 24 homers and 27 steals this season. He is on pace for a 41/47 season, but more importantly he is in the top three in the National League in both home runs and steals. Kemp is tied with Lance Berkman with 24 big flies, and is third in steals, eight behind Michael Bourn.

Between 1901 and 2010, there have been 67 seasons in which a player finished in the top five in his league in both home runs and stolen bases, from Ginger Beaumont in 1901 to Alfonso Soriano in 2003. I listed every single season below. Here are some notes:

  • 28 of the 67 top five seasons happened before 1920, in the deadball era, and the highest home run total from 1901-1919 of anyone on this list is 12.
  • There have been 19 seasons with a player finishing in the top three in both categories, including nine seasons since 1920. The last such season was Bobby Bonds, who hit 37 home runs (tied for second) and stole 41 bases (tied for third) for the Angels in 1977.
  • There have been two people to lead the league in both categories: in 1932, Chuck Klein hit 38 home runs and stole 20 bases for the Phillies, and in 1903 Dodgers outfielder Jimmy Sheckard walloped nine home runs and swiped 67.
  • In 1955, Willie Mays came very close to leading the NL in both homers and steals. He hit 51 home runs, and stole 24 bases, finishing just one steal behind Bill Bruton of the Braves.
  • Four players have finished in the top five in both categories three or more times, and all four are in the Hall of Fame: Ty Cobb (six times), Mays (five times), Mickey Mantle (thrice), and Honus Wagner (thrice).
  • Three Dodgers have finished in the top five in both categories: Sheckard (led both in 1903), Babe Herman (1930-1931), and Duke Snider (1950, 1953)
  • There have been 263 seasons with a player finishing in the top 10 in both categories. Mays and Cobb each have 10 such seasons. Hank Aaron, Wagner, Mantle, and Bobby Bonds have seven such seasons. Barry Bonds has six years, as do Goose Goslin and Vince DiMaggio.
  • Since 1960, there have been 67 seasons with a player finishing in the top 10 in both categories, but it is heavily slanted toward the NL, with 50 seasons compared to just 17 for the junior circuit.

Here is the list of all 67 seasons (68, including Kemp this year) of a player finishing in the top five in home runs and stolen bases. Players in the top three in both categories are highlighted.

Players In The Top 5 In Homers & Steals, 1901-Present
Player Team Year HR SB
Matt Kemp LA 2011 t-1st (24) 3rd (27)
Alfonso Soriano NYY 2003 t-5th (38) 4th (35)
Vladimir Guerrero Mon 2002 5th (39) 4th (40)
Alfonso Soriano NYY 2002 5th (39) 1st (41)
Barry Bonds SF 1996 t-2nd (42) 4th (40)
Barry Bonds Pit 1990 t-4th (33) 3rd (52)
Howard Johnson NYM 1989 2nd (36) t-4th (41)
Jose Canseco Oak 1988 1st (42) 4th (40)
Eric Davis Cin 1987 4th (37) t-4th (50)
Eric Davis Cin 1986 t-5th (27) 2nd (80)
Andre Dawson Mon 1981 2nd (24) t-4th (26)
Bobby Bonds Cal 1977 t-2nd (37) t-3rd (41)
Joe Morgan Cin 1976 5th (27) 2nd (60)
Cesar Cedeno Hou 1974 5th (26) 4th (57)
Bobby Bonds SF 1973 5th (39) 4th (43)
Hank Aaron Mil 1963 t-1st (44) 2nd (31)
Willie Mays SF 1961 2nd (40) 5th (18)
Frank Robinson Cin 1961 3rd (37) 3rd (22)
Willie Mays SF 1959 5th (34) 1st (27)
Mickey Mantle NYY 1959 t-4th (31) 2nd (21)
Mickey Mantle NYY 1958 1st (42) 4th (18)
Mickey Mantle NYY 1957 3rd (34) 4th (16)
Willie Mays NYG 1957 4th (35) 1st (38)
Willie Mays NYG 1956 t-5th (36) 1st (40)
Willie Mays NYG 1955 1st (51) 2nd (24)
Jackie Jensen Bos 1954 4th (25) 1st (22)
Duke Snider Bro 1953 2nd (42) 5th (16)
Duke Snider Bro 1950 t-5th (31) 3rd (16)
Larry Doby Cle 1949 t-3rd (24) t-5th (10)
Augie Galan ChC 1937 5th (18) 1st (23)
Tony Lazzeri NYY 1933 5th (18) t-5th (15)
Chuck Klein Phi 1933 1st (28) 4th (15)
Chuck Klein Phi 1932 1st (38) 1st (20)
Babe Herman Bro 1931 t-4th (18) 2nd (17)
Babe Herman Bro 1930 5th (35) t-2nd (18)
Goose Goslin SLB 1930 t-3rd (37) t-3rd (17)
Tony Lazzeri NYY 1927 3rd (18) t-3rd (22)
Ken Williams SLB 1923 2nd (29) t-5th (18)
Ken Williams SLB 1922 1st (39) 2nd (37)
George Sisler SLB 1920 2nd (19) 2nd (42)
George Sisler SLB 1919 t-2nd (10) t-2nd (28)
George Cutshaw Pit 1918 t-4th (5) t-4th (25)
Ty Cobb Det 1917 t-4th (6) 1st (55)
Ty Cobb Det 1916 t-5th (5) 1st (68)
Benny Kauff NYG 1916 t-4th (9) 2nd (40)
Vic Saier ChC 1915 t-4th (11) t-3rd (29)
Tris Speaker Bos 1912 t-1st (10) 4th (52)
Ty Cobb Det 1912 3rd (7) 3rd (61)
Fred Merkle NYG 1912 t-3rd (11) t-5th (37)
Fred Merkle NYG 1911 t-5th (12) 4th (49)
Ty Cobb Det 1911 t-2nd (8) 1st (83)
Ty Cobb Det 1910 t-2nd (8) 2nd (65)
Sherry Magee Phi 1910 t-5th (6) 4th (49)
Jake Stahl Bos 1909 t-3rd (6) 1st (91)
Red Murray NYG
1909 1st (7) 2nd (48)
Red Murray StL 1908 3rd (7) 2nd (48)
Honus Wagner Pit 1908 2nd (10) 1st (53)
Honus Wagner Pit 1907 4th (6) 1st (61)
Ty Cobb DET 1907 t-2nd (5) 1st (53)
Sherry Magee Phi 1906 t-5th (6) 2nd (55)
Harry Davis PhA 1905 1st (8) t-5th (36)
Frank Chance ChC 1904 t-3rd (6) t-4th (42)
Dan McGann NYG 1904 t-3rd (6) t-4th (42)
Elmer Flick Cle 1904 t-4th (6) t-1st (38)
Sam Mertes NYG 1903 t-2nd (7) 5th (45)
Jimmy Sheckard Bro 1903 1st (9) t-1st (67)
Honus Wagner Pit 1902 t-5th (3) 1st (42)
Ginger Beaumont Pit 1901 t-4th (8) 5th (36)

Thanks as always to the great for making this research that much easier.

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