Dodger Stadium upgrades on tap this offseason

Jake Roth-US PRESSWIRE - Presswire

Renovations and additions to both clubhouses are planned for this offseason at Dodger Stadium, as well as additional bars and restaurants throughout the stadium, which opened in 1962.

The season is over for the Dodgers, but Dodger Stadium will be busy pretty much until opening day because of planned upgrades to the stadium this offseason.

Dodgers CEO Stan Kasten said on Thursday that final plans and permits are getting approved this week for several upgrades to Dodger Stadium, which just completed its 51st season in use, the third oldest stadium in MLB. Kasten wouldn't divulge full details before the plans became official, though he did say the information would be available soon.

But Kasten did say there were plans to renovate both clubhouses, the Dodgers' indoor batting cage and adding a batting cage for visitors as well. The clubhouses at Dodger Stadium are among the smallest in MLB.

There will also be improvements to the infrastructure of the stadium, such as water and power, plus concessions upgrades, too.

"Out in the seating bowl, we'll have more bars, more restaurants, more hanging out areas that you see in other stadiums," Kasten said.

The club hired Janet Marie Smith in August as senior vice president of planning and development, and she will oversee all changes to the stadium. Smith worked with Kasten in Atlanta, where she oversaw the development and renovation of both Turner Field and Philips Arena.

"We have an aggressive plan, and frankly you would say that it can't get done in the 24 weeks we have until opening day, especially given the other uses this stadium still has. But we've got Janet on the job, and I'm predicting she does get it done by opening day," Kasten said. "We transformed Olympic Stadium into Turner Field in seven months, and that was a lot of demolition and a lot of construction, so I think we'll get this done."

What was interesting is that while upgrades are planned for this offseason, Kasten was noncommittal about remaining at Dodger Stadium for a set period of time. Though Kasten said that was because he has thus far only been focused on this season.

"I haven't really thought about (moving). It's not off or on the table," Kasten said. "My guess is that we'll be here long term, permanent. But for all I've been focused on this season, it's been what can I do, what can I do this offseason."

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