Dodger Stadium upgrades: Clubhouses, scoreboards, wireless, and more

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

For it's 52nd season in 2013, Dodger Stadium is undergoing a makeover as we speak. Here is a brief summary of the upgrades we know, with more details expected in January.

As anyone at either of the press conferences this week has seen, Dodger Stadium is busy with construction during the offseason, with several machines at work, several thousand seats removed, and stadium walls either stripped or temporarily out during construction.

Dodgers CEO Stan Kasten was able to shed some light on Tuesday on some of the improvements being made at Dodger Stadium, though the full details, with drawings of the potential finished product, will be available in January.

Kasten said at issue is the timing of the improvements, which partner Magic Johnson valued on Monday at over $100 million.

"It's a work in progress. We have a lot of stuff on the fly, because we only have 25 weeks to do all of this stuff," Kasten said.

Upgrades we do know will be four brand new scoreboards, replacing the ones above the left field and right field pavilions as well as the two in the wall near each bullpen. The Dodgers are also upgrading both clubhouses, though plan to keep some semblance of home field advantage.

The Dodgers clubhouse, considered the third smallest clubhouse in baseball behind only Wrigley Field and Fenway Park, will be expanded to more than double its current size, while the visitors clubhouse on the third base side will be expanded by roughly half. The visitors side will also get its own workout room and batting cage, eliminating the need for opposing players to walk through the Dodgers' side to use the one workout room and batting case on the third base side of the stadium.

The home side will now feature two batting cages for the Dodgers to use, and Kasten used the term "health club" to describe the home workout room, designed to be much larger than the visitors side.

For now, the field level is missing seats in all but eight sections. For the most part, those seats will return in place once construction is finished, though Kasten also said there would be upgrades to the baseline seats down both lines.

In addition to upgrading fan areas (again, more details are expected in January), the Dodgers are adding towers to improve cellular and wireless service throughout Dodger Stadium.

"I'm told we'll be the most wired and signaled stadium anywhere," Kasten said.

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