Great Scott and Jolting Josie

were the hits of the TBLA team. The team was 1 - 0 against a team full of blogging members and 0 - 2 against teams of family and friends who had nothing to do with the Blogging site they represented so I consider it a successful day.

Basic Lineup was:

Matthew 1st base, Delias 2nd base, Bknapp SS, G Scott 3rd-P, Brandon LF, HJ LC, David Young RC, Maddz RF/ RC, Josh RF/ LF, Josie C, Mintcore, 2nd/ C, Naeem C, Russell P

Our first game was against Dodger Bobble Heads, and while the main writer was there, I think he had mostly friends and family playing. They were good. Very good.

Yet we got off to a great start. They loaded the bases in the 1st inning but were unable to score. In the bottom of the 1st, our first three hitters got on base and then Gary brought them all in with a booming shot. Matthew bought in Gary and there we were winning 4 - 0, no outs, bottom of the first. We never scored again. Now I don't want to lay blame, but here was the situation. Bottom of the second, David and I had singled back to back. Josie is up and bangs a shot up the middle, the SS gets to it but I've gotten a good jump so he can't force me at 2nd, so SS double clutches then throws to 1st, I round second and take a look at first and all I see is a cloud of dust, hair, and more hair. Josie had face planted and never got to first base. It shook everyone up as we were extremely worried for Josie's safety. So much so I couldn't even take the field the rest of the tournament. Even with that handicap we had a 4 - 1 lead headed into the fourth when our defense decided to take the inning off. By the time the fourth was over we were down 6 - 4, but still in the game. However they came back with five more runs in the fifth putting the game away 11 - 4.

With an hour break we decided to catch Dodger Thoughts in action, particularly Xeifrank and Jon Weisman. They had a ringer on the mound. A five foot dynamo of a pitcher who kept the other hitters off balance the whole game. Xeifrank was butter scotch smooth at the plate and as a SS. I gave the ringer a chance to clear her name when she said she was an avid Dodger Thoughts reader by asking her what was the infamous rule one

Thank You For Not ...using profanity or any euphemisms for profanity

She could not fucking do it.

But I tell you what, I'm totally recruiting her for the next 40 and over / young fucks softball match.

Game Two was against the Bastards of Steve Garvey. Josie had recovered her pride and she emotionally demanded to play the field, so as any smart manager does, when the star demands to play, she plays. So I sat down. The bastards were a fun team to play, mainly cause we kicked bastard butt, 22 - 5. The game was played at the Fenway field and Great Scott got to enjoy the feeling of nailing one off the wall. Everyone hit, everyone got to play and as we headed for game three we knew one thing. We were not going to be win-less. Success.

Game three brought us against one of the Vin Scully Home boy teams. Our pitcher for the first two games had taken a spill in the second game and could not continue. Russell did a great job for us in games one and two but it was time to go from a humble veteran to a young kid making his softball pitching debut. Better yet, it got G Scott off of 3rd base which may have kept him from having to face manslaughter charges. In game two, he came within inches of splitting open a young innocent as she made the mistake of hitting the ball to Gary. Little did she know her life was in danger as she took off for first base. Luckily for her when Gary unleashed his throw, the ball missed her head, missed the base coaches head, and then rolled away never to be seen again.

WIth Gary hitting like Matt Kemp we put some runs on the board but this home boy team had two secret weapons. They had recruited two female fastball players to play for them. Until game time neither of these girls had ever met anyone on the team. One pitched, and one played left center. I don't want to say I was focused on this girl but.......

she was wearing a white skirt right out of League of their Own, sweet white legs that had a few battle marks from her previous games. She started our game with a scrape on her knee and a sweet raspberry just below right butt cheek, that moved from back to side. That would be nothing compared to what she ended up with after our game. She wasn't really relevant...........

other then hitting a rocket to right center her first at bat and scoring from 1st on another hit, with her bosomy breasts threatening a black eye with each step, she managed to run without falling down. The rest of her game was pretty much routine until the last fateful inning. We were a head 13 - 12 (i'll get to that in a minute) when the leadoff hitter got on. Bountiful Buffy then slammed a shot up the middle but the Great Scott made a dynamite stab, turned to throw to second and ...............

threw the ball into CF. Somehow they score the tying run. Honestly I don't even remember the next play other then the fact Bountiful Buffy is the winning run and we have a play at the plate. Big Bobby had nailed a runner in the previous inning and it looked like he would do it again but this raging hormonal Amazonian is not going to go lightly into this good afternoon, so she goes head first into home, putting her head between Bobby's feet while nailing home plate with her hands, her face, and then her breasts. It was magnificent. If I wasn't old, married, bald, short, not very bright, I'd have proposed right then and there.

I will never be part of a cooler loss in my life.

But enough of Bountiful Buffy. How did we get there?

Let me tell you. The score was 12 - 5 and three of those runs came when Great Scott or Sharpie as he will be called here from here on out crushed a triple. Matthew found his hitting grove and had a single, double. Josie was busting line drives up the middle. Down 12 - 5 we had one last chance for redemption and it went down like this:

Matthew - Triple down the 3rd base line

Delias - single (12 - 6)

David - Walk

Josh - Walk

Maddz - Out

Josie - single Walk (12 - 7), scores Delias, tells manager to fuck off when told to take a runner.

HJ - Walk Single (12- 8), scores David

Brandon - Forces HJ at 2nd but HJ takes out SS so no DP, Josh scores (12-9)

Brenton - Single, Josie scores (12 - 10)

Great Scott (Sharpie) - crushes his SECOND triple of the game driving in Brandon and Brenton (12-12)

Bobby - 0 - 3 so far in the game, then nails a single scoring Great Scott and giving us the lead 13 -12

An inning no one will ever forget. The lead was short lived, but speaking for myself that inning made the whole day worthwhile. Thanks to everyone for participating on True Blue LA's behalf.

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