Dodger Blogger Softball Tourney Update


These are the players who responded to my email:

Josh Schoenwald

AJ Henning

Bobby Down

Brandon Lennox

Brenton, W, Knapp

David G Young

Joe Benardello

Joshua Bramlett

Josie M Becker

Madeleine, C, St. Marie

Matthew Josephson

Phil Gurnee

Russell Frye

These are the players who did not:

Mike Kanaly

Albert Martinez

Naeem Chaudhry

Mike, Albert, Naeem chime in here if you plan on going. You paid but you did not respond to the email I sent out. So either you gave a bogus email, I typed it in wrong, the email went directly to your spam filter, or you simply did not reply.

We want to carpool as much as possible to not only save gas but for camaraderie sakes since spending eight hours together is not enough, might as well add a few hours of car time. Going to the game we can talk about how stupid the manager is going to be, and on the way home we can talk about how stupid the manager was.

People who have volunteered to carpool are:

Joe - seats 4 - Hollywood

David - seats 4 - NorthWest San Fernando Valley

Phil - seats 4 West San Fernando Valley

From what I understand Josh (Deliasman) is picking up Josie so they are covered.

Josh Schoenwald lives on the Westside and would like to carpool. I'd suggest he contact HJ who is in Hollywood. Matthew also resides on the Westside. So that looks like a good match.

I'd suggest Bobby drive with me.

I'd suggest David pickup Maddz and Gary unless they want to drive themselves.

AJ lives in SB and would be welcome to carpool with me but I think he's leaving later and I'll be leaving at a time that will get me to the park by 07:30AM or sooner.

This is the extent of my suggestions. Use the comments to make arrangements.

Below is the information I provided in the Email.

We are using ASA bat rules, USSSA Rules

USSSA Softball Rules

I'd suggest you hardball players check out the rulebook, many things you do in hardball will not play in softball.

It looks like we are using a 3, -1 Home run rule. Which means that only 3 home runs per team per game will be allowed, and only one home run more then the other team. Any other home runs would be considered outs. I don't anticipate that being a problem for us.

Key Rules:

  • Limited arc
  • Cannot leave the base until the ball is struck by the batter or hits the ground.
  • Max of 12 hitters per lineup
  • Our first game is at 08:00, gates open at 07:00AM. Yeah that is early.

Contact Info:

Big League Dreams - West Covina, California

2100 S. Azusa Ave.

West Covina, CA 91792

(626) 839-1100

They have four batting cages for practice before the game or during the breaks.


Entrance Fees

  • Patrons 13 years and older pay $3.00 upon entry and will receive a token worth $1.00.
  • Children 12 and under participating in a sport pay $1.00 upon entry and will receive a token worth $1.00
  • The token is redeemable at the park stadium club restaurant or concession stand


  • If you leave the park, and plan to return the same day, please get a hand stamp for re-entry.
  • NO FOOD, BEVERAGES, or ICE CHESTS/COOLERS may be brought into the park.
  • NO Overnight Recreation Vehicle parking is allowed at any Big League Dreams Facility.
  • Spectators 12 and under are admitted FREE!
  • Alcoholic beverages are NOT permitted to be consumed in the parking lot area at any time.

Hopefully it will be a full days worth of five or six games and not the three game minimum.

Any questions leave them in the comments.

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