Dodger Stadium Celebrates 50 Years

Locks were much bigger in 1962 (Photo: LA Dodgers)

Fifty years to the day after Dodger Stadium hosted its first ever game, the Dodgers try to create a new set of memories with ace Clayton Kershaw on the mound to face the Pirates. In its 50 years, Dodger Stadium has hosted...

  • 2,272 regular season wins, and 1.714 losses, a .570 winning percentage
  • Eight World Series
  • Nine League Championship Series
  • Seven Division Series
  • Ten no-hitters
  • Two perfect games
  • One consecutive scoreless inning streak record, and parts of another
  • One game in which we learned 4+1 equals much more than five.
  • One memorable squeeze
  • The Beatles
  • The Pope
  • The Infield
  • The Olympics
  • Game Over
  • A memorable season by a pitcher turned doctor that saw him pitch 55 games and 101 innings in home.
  • Darryl Strawberry crushing a home run as a high schooler, then crushing our hopes more than a decade later
  • Lieutenant Frank Drebin saving the Queen
  • One historic final weekend of the season, with the highest of highest and the lowest of lows
  • One high fly ball into right field that prompted a few brake lights
  • Sandy Koufax and Don Drysdale leading a sweep of the mighty Yankees
  • One unexpected sweep at the hands of the young but powerful Orioles
  • The Three Dog
  • One 104-steal MVP season
  • A 12-year old future blogger going crazy when Franklin Stubbs capped a seven-run rally in the eighth inning to defeat St. Louis.
  • One decision to pitch to Jack Clark
  • One 22-year old striking out 18 Braves
  • One Bobbleslam
  • Two managers for the first 34.5 years of the stadium
  • Fernandomania
  • Lima Time
  • One lead announcer, the greatest who ever lived

...and countless other memories.

Kershaw, who allowed eight runs in his last 10 starts at Dodger Stadium (9-0, 1.69 ERA) with 76 strikeouts in 78 innings, begins year number 51 later this afternoon.

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