Dodgers 2012 Minor League Rosters Announced

Over the next day or so, the Dodgers minor league affiliates will be releasing their opening day lineups. Use this thread to discuss the rosters, and I'll update this post as the teams are released.

Great Lakes Loons:

Pitchers: Ryan O'Sullivan, Brandon Martinez, Arismendy Ozoria, Jarret Martin, Gustavo Gomez, Jose Dominguez, Eric Eadington, Yimi Garcia, Matt Laney, Juan Noriega, Matt Shelton, Mike Thomas and Jason West

Catchers: Pratt Maynard, Andrew Edge, and Jan Vazquez

Infielders: Jesus Arredondo (SS/2B), Jesse Bosnik (3B), Justin Boudreaux (SS), Delvis Morales (SS/2B), Kevin Taylor (2B), and Joe Winker (1B?)

Outfielders: James Baldwin, Noel Cuevas, Scott Schebler, and Devin Shine

Quick analysis: My Loons prediction was somewhat accurate, as I had correctly guessed 10 of the 13 pitchers, 2 out of 3 catchers, and 3 of 4 outfields, but my infield prediction was way off. Most had assumed that O'Koyea Dickson would be on this team, but it looks like they have moved Joe Winker to 1st base for now. I'm guessing that Dickson will join the team very soon, however. Also missing from this team is Joc Pederson, and apparently he will start the year in extended spring training due to a sore groin (hat tip to teach4life). Even without Pederson, the outfield looks like it will be the strength of the team, anchored by James Baldwin. In looking at the 13 pitchers listed, I'm guessing the rotation will consist of Ryan O'Sullivan, Brandon Martinez, Jarret Martin, Arismendy Ozoria, and Gustavo Gomez.

Opening day lineup guess:
CF - James Baldwin
SS - Justin Bourdreaux
RF - Scott Schebler
1B - Joe Winker
C - Pratt Maynard
LF - Noel Cuevas
DH - Devin Shines
3B - Jesse Bosnik
2B - Devis Morales

SP - Ryan O'Sullivan


Rancho Cucamonga Quakes:

Pitchers: Zach Lee, Garrett Gould, Chris Reed, Angel Sanchez, Andres Santiago, Logan Bawcom, Freddie Cabrera, Scott McGough, Bret Montgomery, Jordan Roberts, Greg Wilborn, Juan Rodriguez and P.J. Zocchi

Catchers: Michael Pericht, Chris O'Brien, Stephen Cilladi (DL)

Infielders: Tony Delmonico (3B), Austin Gallagher (1B), Pedro Guerrero (2B/SS/3B), Tyler Henson (3B), Charlie Mirabal (SS/2B), C.J. Retherford (2B), and Chris Jacobs (1B, DL)

Outfielders: Nick Akins, Jonathan Garcia, Casio Grider and Leon Landry

Quick Analysis: Similar to the Loons, my prediction was pretty close expect for the infield. I'm pretty shocked that Austin Gallagher will return to class A for a 5th season, and also pretty surprised that Delmonico is back on the Quakes. Henson being on the team is also surprising given that he played in AAA last year. As expected the outfield should be the strength of the offense, but the pitching staff will be what people come to see. The starting rotation should the best in the league, and the back-end of the bullpen should be very good as well with Bawcom, Rodriguez, and McGough

Opening day lineup guess:
CF - Leon Landry
3B - Tony Delmonico
RF - Jonathan Garcia
LF - Nick Akins
1B - Austin Gallagher
C - Michael Pericht
DH - Tyler Henson
SS - Charlie Mirabal
2B - Pedro Guerrero

SP - Zach Lee


Chattanooga Lookouts:

Pitchers: Allen Webster, Chris Withrow, Ethan Martin, Aaron Miller, Matt Magill, Red Patterson, Jon Michael Redding, Shawn Tolleson, Steve Ames, Javier Solano, Blake Johnson, Geison Aguasviva, Luis Vasquez

Catchers: Griff Erickson, JT Wise, Matt Wallach, Angelo Ponte (DL)

Infielders: Jake Lemmerman (SS), Pedro Baez (3B), Travis Denker (2B/3B), Luis Nunez (SS/2B), Rafael Ynoa (2B/3B)

Outfielders: Blake Smith, Kyle Russell, Nick Buss, Brian Cavazos-Galvez, Anthony Jackson (DL)

Quick Analysis: This team is almost exactly as I predicted, with a few minor exceptions. Eovaldi may still join this team as the Dodgers still aren't sure where to send him. Overall the pitching staff looks very strong, and there are 7 hurlers on the staff who were used as starting pitchers last year. The outfield is also very solid and has four guys who can hit 15+ homers. Even the infield has potential, and although the team doesn't have a true 1st baseman on the roster, there are several guys who can fill that role such as Wise, BCG, and Wallach.

Opening day lineup guess:
CF - Nick Buss
SS - Jake Lemmerman
RF - Blake Smith
LF - Kyle Russell
3B - Pedro Baez
1B - Brian Cavazos-Galvez
C - Griff Erickson
2B - Rafael Ynoa
P - Allen Webster (there is not DH in the Southern League)


Albuquerque Isotopes:

Pitchers: Michael Antonini, John Ely, Stephen Fife, Will Savage, Francisco Felix, Mike Parisi, Ramon Troncoso, Cole St. Clair, Josh Wall, Brent Leach, Wilfredo Ledezma, Fernando Nieve, Scott Rice

Catchers: Tim Federowicz, Josh Bard

Infielders: Jeff Baisely (3B/1B), Joe Becker (Utility), Alex Castellanos (2B/OF), Elian Herrera (Utility), Luis Cruz (Utility), Josh Fields (3B/1B)

Outfielders: Jerry Sands, Scott Van Slyke, Trent Oeltjen, Matt Angle

Quick Analysis: Pretty much the team I expected, expect there are a few names missing who I thought would join the Isotopes. I don't see Carlos Monasterios, Shane Lindsay, or Ryan Tucker on the roster, so I'm not sure what happened to them. It's interesting that the roster lists Castellanos as an infielder and Van Slyke as an outfielder. Also Ivan De Jesus is clearly still recovering from his oblique injury as he's not on the roster. You'll notice that the list above only includes 23 players, and that's because 2 guys among the group of Justin Sellers, Josh Fields, and Luis Cruz will also join the Isotopes. Josh Bard apparently resigned with the organization after being released last week, and given that Scott Rice is listed on the Albuquerque roster, it appears that the decision has already been made to keep Josh Lindblom in LA. Finally, it looks like Nathan Eovaldi will be part of the Lookouts roster since he isn't listed here. The rotation appears that it will be something like: Ely, Fife, Antonini, Savage, and Felix/Parisi

Opening day lineup guess:
CF - Matt Angle
SS - Luis Cruz
LF - Scott Van Slyke
1B - Jerry Sands
RF - Trent Oeltjen
3B - Josh Fields
2B - Alex Castellanos
C - Tim Federowicz
DH - Jeff Baisely

SP - John Ely


Key Players Missing from the Rosters:

O'Koyea Dickson - A hand injury suffered in spring training has kept him from starting the season in LoA
Joc Pederson - Minor groin injury is keeping him in spring training for now
Scott Wingo - Not sure
Other Members of the 2011 draft - Guys like Alex Santana and Scott Barlow will most likely play in Ogden
Matt Kirkland & Jeff Hunt - Not sure what the plan is for them
Ralston Cash - Looks like he might play for Ogden in 2012
Rick Anton - MIA...still not sure what happened to him
Bobby Coyle - Though he'd be in HiA, but haven't heard anything on why he isn't on a roster
Derek Cone - Not sure
Ryan Christenson - Not sure
Carlos Frias - Not sure
Raydel Sanchez - Not sure
Ivan De Jesus - Minor oblique injury will keep him in spring training for now
Angelo Songco - Leg injury should cause him to miss a month or two
Alfredo Silverio - Car accident...uncertain when he'll return to action
Carlos Monasterios
- Recovering from TJ surgery
Ryan Tucker & Shane Lindsay - Didn't see anything about them being released so not sure where they are

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