TBLA Fantasy Baseball: Mountain Edition, Week One

It is here. Baseball season. The cries of the umpire, the crack of the bat, the hawking of the beer... it is all here starting tomorrow.

What's that you say? The Cardinals and Marlins are playing right now and the Athletics and Mariners played a few thousand miles away two or three months ago in official games?

I don't count those, because tomorrow is the day that Clayton Kershaw, Matt Kemp and Andre Ethier get their names called out by Vin Scully and that it is time for Dodger baseball..

And so here we are for the first week of fantasy baseball, with the Mountain Time Zone version of TBLA fantasy baseball in a 14-person league.

The first week started with those games in Japan and will go through April 8.

Here are the matchups (I won't do this every week, but since its the first week of the season, why not?):

Burqueño vs. The 4down Experience

That's me, your fearless commissioner, led by Jose Bautista and Kevin Youklis taking on T4E, led by pitchers Jered Weaver and Stephen Strasburg.

There are no Dodgers in this matchup, but there is a Pujols on T4E's side.

Dee Gordon's Flattop vs Good Time Boys

A few decent pitchers here, with DGF throwing out aces CC Sabathia but GTB countering with Justin Verlander, Cliff Lee and Zack Greinke.

GTB is banking on a big season for the Dodgers; GTB features Chad Billingsley, Kenley Jansen, James Loney, AJ Ellis, Mark Ellis, Jerry Hairston Jr. and the Albuquerque Isotopes' Jerry Sands. Most are subs.

Megabison vs NedColletti

Megabison has a good infield, with Robinson Cano, Alex Rodriguez, Alex Avila and Jose Reyes being joined by Adam Lind. NedColletti has OBP machine Carlos Santana along with outfielders Ryan Braun and Andrew McCutchen.

The only Dodgers in the matchup are Dee Gordon for NedColletti and Juan Rivera on the bench for Megabison. Old friend Jonathan Broxton is warming up in the pen for NedColletti.

Valencia Hitmen vs Either Ethier

VH has a good bullpen with Carlos Marmol and Aroldis Chapman picking up some innings, while Yu Darvish and Doug Fister start the games. EE has Roy Halladay and Dan Haren along with Neftali Feliz trying to strike batters out.

As for Dodgers, VH has Clayton Kershaw fronting his pitching staff while EE has, of course, Andre Ethier manning one of the outfield positions.

Elysian Park Echos vs Paris Dodger Germain

EPE hopes new super millionaires Joey Votto don't let the new contracts go to their heads, and that Curtis Granderson and Josh Beckett have great seasons once again. PDG has new 3B Miguel Cabrera and Dodgers divisionmates Tim Lincecum and Daniel Hudson.

As for Dodgers in the matchup, Mike MacDougal will try and get a save for PDG. Old friend Hiroki Kuroda will be a part of EPE's starting rotation.

Turd Sandwiches vs. El Pelone

Heavy hitters Brian McCann, Adrian Gonzalez and GIancarlo Stanton headline TS' offense while David Price and Ricky Romero will anchor the pitching side of things. EP has a potent offense with Eric Hosmer, Evan Longoria, Starlin Castro and Jacoby Ellsbury leading things. The pitching staff will have Ian Kennedy as the ace.

EP is hoping the back half of the Dodgers rotation does well; Ted Lilly, Chris Capuano and Aaron Harang are all on his pitching staff.

Kubo vs. Glendale Bus Dodgers

Will Joe Mauer and Ichiro Suzuki bounce back? Kubo hopes they can so Adrian Beltre and a certain Dodger center fielder have help on offense. Felix Hernandez is the ace of Kubo's pitching rotation. Meanwhile, Mike Napoli, Dustin Pedroia, Justin Upton and Matt Holliday will lead the offense for GBD while Adam Wainwright will lead the pitching staff with the ageless one Mariano Rivera getting the saves.

Matt Kemp is the anchor for Kubo, while Dodgers closer Javy Guerra will get some save for GBD.


Those are your matchups for the week. Will have a recap after the end of the week.

Now let the trash-talking commence.

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