TBLA Challenge Week VII

Contest Rules:
Pick one of the choices from each of the questions below. The answers to each question are worth a certain amount of points. If you answer the question correctly you get that many points. The person with the most points at the end of the week wins the weekly contest. Please make your picks before the start of the first game.

MammothDodger won the Week 1 contest.
Vegas Blues won the Week 2 contest.
Taylor Maricle won the Week 3 contest.
Vegas Blues won the Week 4 contest.
nihon10s won the Week 5 contest.
kinbote won the Week 6 contest.

This weeks games. @ Arizona (3), vs Houston (3)

1) How many runs do the Dodgers score this week (6 scheduled games)?
A) Less than 20 (25 points)
B) 20-22 (15 points)
C) 23-27 (5 points)
D) 28-32 (15 points)
E) more than 32 (25 points)

2) How many total runs are scored in Monday's game (Capuano vs Corbin)?
A) Less than 4 (25 points)
B) 4-5 (13 points)
C) 6-7 (8 points)
D) 8-9 (15 points)
E) More than 9 (20 points)

3) How many games will the Dodgers win this week (6 scheduled games total)
A) 0 (50 points)
B) 1 (35 points)
C) 2 (20 points)
D) 3 (10 points)
E) 4 (15 points)
F) 5 (25 points)
G) 6 (40 points)

4) How many runs do the Dodgers score on Wednesday (@Arizona, J.Saunders)
A) Less than 2 (25 points)
B) 3 (15 points)
C) 4 (10 points)
D) 5 (20 points)
E) More than 5 (25 points)

5) Which Dodger starting pitcher gets the first win of the week?
Note: They pitch in this order.
A) Capuano (15 points)
B) Harang (20 points)
C) Lilly (25 points)
D) Kershaw (30 points)
E) Billingsley (50 points)

6) Correctly guess the Dodgers leadoff and number 8 hitter for Friday's home game against the Astros
Example Answer: Gordon/Gwynn
Correct Answer: 30 points
Number 8 Only: 15 points
Leadoff Only: 10 points

7) Which team do the Dodgers score more runs against?
A) Houston Astros (20 points)
B) Arizona Diamondbacks (35 points)

8) Name a Dodger player who goes on the DL this week?
Correct answer worth 50 points.
Note: Player must go on the DL before midnight Sunday

9) Potpourri
Make up your own crazy or not so crazy event to happen this week. If it comes true I will assign points to it subjectively with 50 points being the most points you can get.
Example: A.J. Ellis hits a triple.

10) Pick the sequence of wins (W) and losses (L) for the six games (ari,ari,ari,HOU,HOU,HOU) this week.
Each pick is worth 5 points, but you are not eligible for more points once you miss a game. If the Dodgers win their first four games the picks in the example above would net you 5+5+5=15 points.

What is the combined ERA of Dodgers starting pitchers this week?

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