A Trip To The Farm:Chattanooga Lookouts



I took a road trip this past week to Chattanooga Tennessee with my dad. It would be the first stop on our way to Atlanta to see two games with the Dodgers and Braves. Originally I had only planned to see 1 game but after seeing the type of seats I could get for just $9.50 I quickly decided to go to two games. I sat directly behind the catcher in the first game and in the first row a section past the home team dugout in the second game.

The stadium opened in 2000 and seats about 6300. It's the first AA stadium I have been to so it's hard to judge how nice of ball park it is in comparison. But I have to say it's a nice atmosphere located in the downtown area of Chattanooga.

We arrived to the ball park about an hour before game time and it was pretty hot outside so the players stayed inside a bit longer than they probably usually do. As time progressed you'd catch players walking out of the locker room. The locker room is out in right field. I had the pleasure of getting photographs with several players. Zach Lee, Chris Withrow, Allen Webster, Scott Elbert, Griff Erickson. Overall most of those guys were really friendly especially Griff Erickson. I could have probably had a short conversation with the guy. He was really happy to take a picture and stuck his hand out to shake my hand after asking my name.

I have to say one thing about the stadium that is hard to deal with is the sun. The sun didn't go down till about 8 pm and there was not much shade at all in the seats.

I saw Blake Smith and JT Wise hit a home run. Blake Smith made two great catches in the outfield. One diving catch while running in and the other catch he ran down in deep center field. I saw Aaron Miller and Allen Webster start the game. Scott Elbert came in the 2nd game and struck out all 3 batters he faced.

The thing I noticed the most is how you really see the huge gap in talent from the major league level compared to the AA level. Routine plays made into errors. Also the size of the players were really noticeable. The players seemed so much smaller in relation to major league players. Which is not a surprise when you think about it.

The Lookouts won both games that I saw. Oh yea, if you want a program just make sure you have a quarter!

I went ahead and provided a facebook link to 3 albums I have of pictures First link is pictures of the actual stadium while the 2nd and 3rd link are the two games I saw respectively. I also added a video of Aaron Miller striking out a Sun to end the inning.

Stadium Pictures

Game One

Game Two

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