I don't get it.

I really and truly, don't get it.

Yes. I'm just a fanboy who has never run a business, or managed a baseball team. But, I am smart enough to know certain truths. Here's one: YOU DONT SPEND A 1/4 OF A BILLION DOLLARS ON ONE FIRST BASEMAN!

Over the last few months, new ownership has shown a willingness, nèe a "tenacity", to acquire any top tier player, no matter what the cost or length of contract (Cliff Lee, Hanley Ramirez). I can appreciate that on certain levels. But, this is ridiculous.

Does anyone remember a 42 Million dollar deal recently for a Cuban defector, name Yasiel Puig? Forgive me if I'm wrong (I'm not), but he was signed to a 7 year deal. He's an outfielder, yes? As of this morning we have Carl Crawford for the next five years in the outfield at a cost of 102 Million. Matt Kemp for the next 8 years at 160 Million. And, Andre Ethier in right for 85 Million for the next five seasons. THAT'S OVER 300 MILLION DOLLARS IN THE OUTFIELD! The last time I checked, there are only three outfield positions. So, they must not be trusting Crawford to stay healthy, or Puig to live up to the hype. I mean, are you planning on platooning these guys once Puig is ready for prime time? That's ridiculous. Either answer is ludicrous. Why would they take on a player in Crawford who is perennially injured, and since his blockbuster contract, has been a bust? They must have thought that if Crawford gets healthy, and earns his pay, that Puig would be a bargaining piece down the line. Maybe. That's some gamble.

I am so confused. Josh Beckett is a ne'er do well, a blow hard, a clubhouse killer, and an anti-authority trouble maker, who does not deserve the money he is making. If he were keeping his nose clean, head down, and just going out there and giving 110% every game, you couldn't use his contract against him. But alas, I will. So, that's one more piece to this huge trade that doesn't look worth it. He is owed 31 Million by The Dodgers as of this morning, regardless of how he does.

Nick Punto? Really? I mean... ('nuff said)

And finally, Adrian Gonzalez. I have long swooned for this guy, in a purely platonic-baseball-fanboy kinda way. When he was with San Diego, he owned The Dodgers. He is a true talent. And, a true gentleman. We are fortunate to get him. But, the cost is too great. We are hamstrung for years now. Just when we were getting out of the dead money (Manny, Andruw, Pierre, Furcal, etc.). Now we are on the hook for what seems like enough money to buy the state of California. I am truly stunned.

Let's say we win the World Series. Is that enough? Will that make the parking lot better for fans, the concourses larger, or will it make the drunk gang-bangers stop cursing within ear-shot of my mother, and girlfriend? Will it fill the seats in enough sell-outs to justify this financial burden? The quick answer to all of those questions is "no". The new ownership is blinded by pie-in-the-sky aspirations, and I for one, am sad for the future. If we go to the World Series because we got Gonzalez, that would be the only thing that might make this palatable. But, long-term, this is folly.

The ownership now has to pay the Competitive Balance Tax for the 2013 season. That's an additional 20% above payroll for being so bloated with this deal. How is this good business? Do they truly believe that ticket sales, merchandise, or advertising revenue will jump up 20% or more, in order to cover this next year?

The damage is done. We have acquired three worthless players to get one premier player, whilst losing 5 players. Nothing short of a miracle will ever make this deal worth the money.

Let the hate filled comments begin.

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