'Emotional' Matt Treanor Reacts To Wife Misty May-Treanor's Third Gold Medal

Matt Treanor is the only Dodger to catch a ceremonial first pitch from his wife this season at Dodger Stadium.

It might be surprising to find out that someone who comes to the plate with the A-Team theme song as his at-bat music has a softer side, but that is the case for Dodgers catcher Matt Treanor, whose eyes were red after watching his wife, Misty May-Treanor and Kerri Walsh-Jennings win Olympic gold in women's beach volleyball in London.

"I'm an emotional person. I'm not afraid to cry. I'm not afraid to snap a bat over my neck," Treanor said. "Misty is kind of the opposite. She doesn't show emotion that much. She always looks to me to watch the sappy type movie to shed a tear or something. She gets a kick out of that."

Treanor finished his 10th season in the minor leagues when he met May while rehabbing an injury. They became engaged , then married, in 2004, and in between May won her first gold medal, in Athens, Greece. Four years later, May and Walsh repeated in Beijing, China.

Treanor made his major league debut in 2004, and was on the disabled list during the 2008 Olympics, but still missed the chance to see his wife win an Olympic medal in person.

"It does get a little harder each time," Treanor said. "Deep down in my heart I wanted to be there for all three of them."

Treanor called his wife the best athlete in the family, a sentiment echoed by new Clippers forward Grant Hill, who introduced the Dodgers starting lineup before Wednesday's game. Treanor said he saw a happiness in his wife a few days prior to the gold medal match.

"I saw this look in her face. Her skin looked good, and she was just beaming. Misty's never been pregnant but they say sometimes pregnant women get like that, with this satisfied feeling or an aura about them. That's what I saw in Misty," Treanor said. "I just felt like this was the right thing for her and I'm glad she made the decision. Having it finish with a gold medal was a positive to everything, but I don't necessarily think she needed to win to have that completion and satisfaction. But I'm glad it ended up the way it did."

May-Treanor has often added a "go Dodgers" shout out to her post-match interviews during the Olympics, something that Treanor felt the pressure to reciprocate.

"I have to do something good first to get on the postgame interview. If I don't get two hits with six ribbies I'm a disappointment to the family now," joked Treanor before Wednesday's game.

Treanor was 0-for-3 Wednesday, but he did get hit by a pitch and scored a run.

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